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“Mr. McMahon did not think that I looked like a star” – Former WWF Champion

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Old School WWF Legend Mick Foley recently spoke to Inside The Ropes, where he recalled that WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t want to hire him as a pro wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation because he did not see him as a star.

Below is what the former 3-time WWF Champion said:

“I had it on good authority Mr. McMahon wasn’t interested in me. I heard years ago, years before I joined WWE or WWF at the time, that Mr. McMahon did not think that I looked like a star.

Mr. McMahon’s condition for bringing me in was to cover my face. I can come in, but we’re covering up my face, The mask was so restricting; it was so difficult to breathe. But there was no second choice, no plan B.

I didn’t think the Cactus Jack character needed tweaking, but I had to adapt to WWE’s vision. I envisioned a character that was more a victim of society than inherently evil.

Mr. McMahon initially wanted to name me ‘Mason the Mutilator.’ I suggested, ‘What if we changed it to Mankind… Mankind the Mutilator?’ The name eventually settled as just ‘Mankind.’

I’m still Cactus Jack. I lose matches, and I do it well. That’s what I bring to the table.”

Foley has stated in past interviews that McMahon only hired him because he received a lot of pressure from Jim Ross’ side, who was the Head Of Talent Relations for the WWF at that time.

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