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“My career has probably ended with the WWE” – Hall Of Famer

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WWE has decided to not renew Jerry Lawler’s broadcast contract, thus ending his on-screen run with the company that began back in 1992.

It has been revealed that Lawler’s contract with WWE expired at the beginning of 2024, although a WWE source has clarified that he is under a Legends deal with the company.

This on-screen departure comes as Lawler has been out of the public eye, focusing on his recovery from a stroke he suffered in February 2023.

According to sources close to the matter, under previous ownership, individuals like Lawler would have been “taken care of”.

However, with what some describe as a “new era” in WWE, characterized by shifting priorities and leadership, longstanding relationships like Lawler’s have come to an end.

“The old company is dead,” remarked one source. “People can say they hate Vince (McMahon) and Kevin (Dunn) all they want, and they’d be right to do so, but certain people would have been taken care of. Lawler would have been one, but this isn’t the old WWE. Howard Finkel, God bless him, wouldn’t have had a job for life here anymore, either.”

In an interview with PWInsider, Lawler said the following about WWE not re-signing him to a new, regular talent contract:

“One other thing that a lot of people wonder about, my career has probably ended with the WWE and it’s just one of those things that goes with my getting over with all the stuff that happened with the stroke and it was my, my just sitting behind a desk and doing it, commentating on a match again was extremely difficult.”

Lawler gave the following update on his health recently:

“My health is great. I just went over to the doctors to get back on the road from my knee replacement and then of course, still some minor difficulties from the stroke. But all of that stuff is coming around fast.”

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