NWA / WCW Main Event (1991)

January 6th, 1991:
Michael Wallstreet vs. Dave Johnson
Buddy Landell vs. Tommy Rich
Allen Iron Eagle, Tim Horner vs. Doug Vines and George South
Lex Luger vs. Mike Hart
Freebirds vs. The Juicer and Trucker Norman

January 13th, 1991:
Tom Zenk vs. Rick Hardrock
Bobby Eaton vs. Jeff Gambel
Ricky Morton/Tommy Rich vs. Rip Rogers/Jeff Sword
Dutch Mantell vs. Todd Brewer
Doom (Butch Reed and Ron Simmons) vs. Allen Itron Eagle/Tim Horner
Brad Armstrong.Tracy Smothers vs. Jeff Stone/Rob Morgan

January 20th, 1991:
The Southern Boys vs. Ed Brock/George South
Freebirds vs. Tim Horner/Brad Armstrong

February 3rd, 1991:
TV Title- Arn Anderson vs. Tom Zenk (end only)
Freebirds vs. Tim Parker, Scott Sandlin
El Gigante vs. Keith Hart (pre match int. w/El Gigante)
Interview-Tom Zenk
Lex Luger vs. Pat Rose (pre match int. w/ Luger)
Interview- Dallas Page, Teddy Long
Interview-Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor vs. Tom Zenk (winner gets TV Title shot)
Michael Wallstreet vs. Rick Cannon

February 10,1991:
Clip- Teddy Long/Dallas Page
Doom vs. The Freebirds
Tommy Rich vs. Tom Burke
Sid Vicious vs. Brian Worley
Danger Zone- Barry Windham,Sid Vicious
Clip, interview- Sting, Steiner Brothers, Brian Pillman
Tom Zenk vs. Terry Taylor (pre match int. w/both men)

February 17,1991:
Clips-Ric Flair vs. El Gigante
El Gigante vs. Bill Ford
Brad Armstrong vs. Rip Rogers
Bobby Eaton vs. Rob Morgan
Doom vs. Scott Allen, Carl Robertson (pre match clips-Long/Page, Doom/Freebirds)
Danger Zone-Dallas Page/Freebirds, Teddy Long enters, argument ensues
Tom Zenk vs. Terry Taylor (winner gets TV Title shot; pre match clips of match from Feb 10th) post match int from both

February 24, 1991:
Clips-Teddy Long/Dallas Page, Freebirds
Clips-Tom Zenk/Terry Taylor
Clips-Horsemen vs. David Isley, Larry Santo, Tommy Angel, Scott Somers with post match interview; Brian Pillman vs. John Peterson, Horsemen jump Pillman
Clips-El Gigante
Clip-Big Van Vader vs. Stan Hansen
Clips-Dan Spivey/Lex Luger
Clip-Missy Hyatt’s “date” with El Gigante

March 3,1991:
Larry Zbyszko vs. Ricky Nelson
Ron Simmons vs. Dutch Mantell (followed by clip-Freebirds vs. Doom from WrestleWar)
Brian Pillman vs. Tom Sawyer
Danger Zone-Larry Zbyszko (Sting enters, leading to brawl)
Dustin Rhodes vs. Brian Carr
Terry Taylor, Bobby Eaton, Buddy Landell vs. Tommy Rich, JYD, Ricky Morton

March 10,1991:
Big Josh vs. Cruel Connection
Sid Vicious vs. David Isley
Danger Zone-Sting (clip-Sting/Zbyszko brawl) Larry Z then attacks
Dustin Rhodes vs. Rob Morgan
WCW This Week-Alexandra York/Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor, Bobby Eaton, Buddy Landell vs. Tommy Rich, JYD, Ricky Morton (pre match clip of their match from March 3rd)
Larry Zbyszko vs. Sting
WCW This Week-Dan Spivey
Ron Simmons vs. Mike Thor (after match, Butch Reed attacks Simmons)

March 17, 1991:
Young Pistols vs. Magnum Force
Danger Zone-Alexandra York, Terry Taylor, Buddy Landell
Buddy Landell vs. Bobby Eaton (Terry Taylor interferes)
Big Josh vs. Mike Thor
Larry Zbyszko vs. Sting (pre match clip of their match from March 9th,also Windham/Anderson attack Sting)

March 24,1991:
Brian Pillman vs. Barry Windham
Dustin Rhodes vs. Chuck Coats
Dan Spivey vs. Scott Sandlin
Young Pistols vs. State Patrol
Clips-Ricky Morton, Tommy Rich, JYD vs. Bobby Eaton, Terry Taylor, Buddy Landell
Buddy Landell, Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Eaton, Tom Zenk

March 31,1991:
Owen Hart vs. Keith Stark
Freebirds vs. Reno Riggins, Tim Parker
Terry Taylor vs. Tom Zenk (Mr. Hughes run-in)
Sting, El Gigante vs. Jim Boss ,Jeff Sword
Clips-Lex Luger vs. Dan Spivey from WrestleWar
Clip-Nikita Koloff workout; followed by Lex Luger interview
Lex Luger vs. Joey Maggs
Clip-Brian Pillman vs. Barry Windham (Arn Anderson run-in)

April 7,1991:
Tommy Rich, Big Josh vs. Lou Fabiano, Pat Rose
Interview-Grizzly Smith; announces Steiner Brothers have vacated the US Tag Titles
Dustin Rhodes, Young Pistols vs. Paul Lee, Magnum Force
Sid Vicious vs. Randy Starr
Ron Simmons vs. Joe Cruz (pre match Teddy Long interview) Kevin Sullivan, Teddy Long, One Man Gang run-in
Miss A, Miki Handa vs. Itsuki Yamazaki, Mami Kitimura-WrestleWar (JIP)
Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman
Paul E Dangerously’s “Tribute” to Missy Hyatt

April 14,1991:
El Gigante vs. James Earl Wright
Barry Windham vs. Joey Maggs (pre match Windham interview)
Danger Zone- Junk Yard Dog (Teddy Long, One Man Gang, Kevin Sullivan attack JYD)
Steiner Brothers vs. Jim Boss, Tom Burke
Bobby Eaton vs. Chuck Coats
Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman (after match, Anderson, Windham attack; El Gigante saves)
Clip-Nikita Koloff destroys US Title

April 21,1991:
Ricky Morton, Dustin Rhodes vs. Joe Cazana, Doug Vines
Danger Zone- Lex Luger
Nikita Koloff vs. Scott Sandlin, TC Carter
Freebirds vs. Ricky Nelson, Larry Santo
Arn Anderson, Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman, El Gigante (Flair run-in)

April 28,1991:
Big Josh vs. Hacksaw Higgins
Danger Zone-Brian Pillman
Young Pistols vs. Rip Rogers, Jeff Stone
Larry Zbyszko vs. Terry Bronson
Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Barry Windham vs. Sting, El Gigante, Brian Pillman
Clips-Lex Luger/Nikita Koloff
Nikita Koloff vs. Larry Santo, Rick Stockhousen
Tom Zenk vs. Brian Carr
One Man Gang vs. Junk Yard Dog
Black Bart vs. Joe Cruz
Clip-Ric Flair vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (from Japan)
Interview-Ric Flair
Lex Luger vs. Mike Thor

May 5,1991:
Clip-Steiner Brothers vs. Hiroshi Hase, Kensuke Sasaki (from Japan)
Video-Steiner Brothers, Sting/Luger
El Gigante vs. Joe Cruz (pre match clip-Gigante/Sid confrontation)
Clips-Flair interview; Missy Hyatt gets letter to call home runs off; Paul E confesses he wrote letter, Missy attacks Paul E)
TV Title: Big Josh vs. Arn Anderson

May 12,1991:
Sting, Lex Luger vs. The Royal Family
Steve Armstrong vs. Michael Hayes
Danger Zone-Bobby Eaton
Ric Flair vs. Sam Houston
Terry Taylor vs. Ricky Morton (Mr. Hughes interferes)

May 19,1991:
Sting, Lex Luger vs. Royal Family (same from May 12th)
Video- Steiner Brothers, Sting/Luger
Steve Armstrong vs. Michael Hayes (same from May 12th)
Danger Zone-Bobby Eaton (same from May 12th)
Ric Flair vs. Sam Houston (same from May 12th)
PN News vs. Pat Powers

May 26,1991:
Angel Of Death,Dan Spivey vs. Rick Hardrock,Kevin Diamond
Clips-Brian Pillman,Ric Flair
Danger Zone-PN News
Big Josh vs. “Nasty” Ned Brady
One Man Gang vs. Kip Abee
PN News vs. Chuck Coats
Nikita Koloff vs. Randy Starr
Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Eaton (Arn Anderson run-in,Dustin Rhodes saves)

June 2,1991:
PN News vs. Mike Thor
Clip- Bobby Eaton vs. Terry Taylor from 5-26
Sting vs. Lou Fabiano
Arn Anderson,Terry Taylor vs. Dustin Rhodes,Bobby Eaton
Lex Luger vs. Randy Barber
Danger Zone-Ricky Morton
Ron Simmons,El Gigante vs. Doug Vines,Jeff Sword
Angel of Death vs. Rick Ryder

June 9,1991:
Terry Taylor vs. Tim Parker
Promo-Clash XV
Dustin Rhodes vs. John Peterson
Danger Zone-Lex Luger
Clips-Teddy Long,Angel of Death/Ron Simmons
Tommy Rich vs. Joe Cruz
Nikita Koloff vs. Terry Bronson
Arn Anderson,Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman,Bobby Eaton

June 16,1991:
Steve Austin vs. Scott Sandlin
Promo-Great American Bash
Diamond Studd vs. Ian Weston
Danger Zone-Alexandra York,Terry Taylor,Mr. Hughes,Ricky Morton
Mr. Hughes vs. Rob Morgan
Clip-Lex Luger vs. Mark Callous (GAB 90)
Feature-The Desperados
Young Pistols vs. Terry Taylor,Ricky Morton

June 23,1991:
Bobby Eaton vs. Hacksaw Higgins
Promo- Great American Bash
Lex Luger vs. Karl Nelson
Danger Zone-Nikita Koloff
Blackblood vs. Meadows
Feature-The Desperados
Dustin Rhodes,Big Josh vs. Freebirds

June 30,1991:
PN News vs. Karl Nelson
Promo-Great American Bash
Johnny B Badd vs. Larry Santo
Danger Zone-Ric Flair
Diamond Studd vs. Keith Hart
feature-The Desperados
Clip-Freebirds vs. Tommy Rich,Junkyard Dog (Ricky Morton refuses to wrestle; Freebirds win 6-man Titles)
Tom Zenk vs. Steve Austin

July 7,1991:

July 14,1991:
Ricky Morton,Terry Taylor,Mr. Hughes vs. Larry Santo,Jim Boss,Greg Sawyer
Promo-Great American Bash
Diamond Studd vs. Scotty Williams
Danger Zone-One Man Gang,Kevin Sullivan
TV Title: PN News vs. Steve Austin

July 21,1991:
Tom Zenk vs. Rip Rogers
Clip-Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham (GAB)
Hardliners vs. Joey Maggs,Ricky Nelson
Danger Zone-Gordon Solie announces Steiner Brothers stripped of WCW tag titles
Johnny B Badd vs. Jackie Fulton
WCW Top 10
Steve Austin vs. Chad Floyd
Yellow Dog vs. Mr. Hughes

July 28,1991:
PN News vs. Paul Lee
Young Pistols vs. Freebirds-elimination match
Danger Zone-clip (Yellow Dog/Diamond Studd)
WCW Top 10
Hardliners vs. Sam Houston,Rick Ryder
Diamond Studd vs. Ron Simmons

August 4,1991:
The Enforcers vs. Ian Weston,Johnny Rich
Dustin Rhodes vs. Buddy Lee Parker
Danger Zone- clips, Ron Simmons
Hardliners vs. Keno McKenzie,Scott Allen
WCW Top 10
Bobby Eaton vs. Ricky Morton

August 11,1991:
Ron Simmons vs. Sam Cody (pre match int. w/ Simmons)
One Man Gang vs. Big Josh
Danger Zone-Lex Luger,Harley Race,Mr. Hughes
Yellow Dog,Tom Zenk vs. Steve Austin,Diamond Studd (JIP)
WCW Top 10
Hardliners vs. Dustin Rhodes,Robert Gibson

August 18,1991:
Cactus Jack vs. Scott Sandlin
Sting vs. Fred Avery
WCW Top 10
Danger Zone-Cactus Jack
Robert Gibson,Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Lee,Brian Carr
Ron Simmons vs. ??? (after match Luger, Harley Race, Mr Hughes attack)
PN News vs. One Man Gang
WCW This Week

August 25,1991:
One Man Gang vs. Chad Floyd
WCW Top 10
Clip-Junkyard Dog vs. Tommy Rich
Danger Zone-Bill Kazmaier
Bobby Eaton vs. Skull Von Kruss (beginning only)

September 1,1991:
Hardliners vs. Johnny Rich,Larry Santo
Steve Austin,Diamond Studd vs. Dustin Rhodes,Robert Gibson
Sting vs. Harley Watkins

September 8,1991:
6-Man Titles:Big Josh,Tom Zenk,Dustin Rhodes vs. Freebirds
Clip-Danger Zone,Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack vs. Scott Sandlin
Danger Zone-Sting
Dustin Rhodes vs. Porkchop Cash
WCW Top 10
Clip-Wrestling News Network
Non-Title:Hardliners vs. The Enforcers

September 15,1991:
Terry Taylor vs. Mike Graham
Clip-Danger Zone-Luger,Race,Mr. Hughes
Danger Zone-Harley Race,Lex Luger,Mr Hughes/Barry Windham, Ron Simmons
Arn Anderson vs. Ron Simmons
WCW Top 10
Abdullah The Butcher vs. Jimmy Hodge
Cactus Jack vs. Lynn Fields

September 22,1991:
Cactus Jack vs. Dave Diamond
Promo-Halloween Havoc
Barry Windham,Ron Simmons vs. Tim Frye,Lou Fabiano
WCW Top 10
Interview-PN News
Danger Zone-Lex Luger,Harley Race,Mr Hughes/Barry Windham,Ron Simmons
Lex Luger,Mr Hughes vs. Joey Maggs,Larry Santo
Interview-cactus Jack
Sting vs. Mike Fever
Ricky Morton,Tommy Rich, Terry Taylor vs. Dustin Rhodes,Tom Zenk,Big Josh

September 29,1991:
Freebirds vs. Terry Bronson,Larry Santo
Promo-Halloween Havoc
Johnny B Badd vs. John Douglas
WCW Top 10
Danger Zone-Bill Kazmaier
Johnny Meadows vs. Diamond Studd
Clips- Tom Zenk vs. Cactus Jack
TV Title: Big Josh vs. Steve Austin
Clip-Brian Pillman vs. Badstreet

October 6,1991:
Ron Simmons,Barry Windham vs. Tim Frye,Lou Fabiano
WCW Top 10
The Patriots vs. Mark Kyle,Bob Cook
Interviews-Rick Steiner,Arn Anderson
Danger Zone-Lex Luger,Harley Race,Mr Hughes
Clip-Tom Zenk after being attacked in dressing room
Lex Luger, Mr Hughes vs. ???
Promo-Halloween Havoc
Arn Anderson vs. Rick Steiner

October 13,1991:

October 20,1991:
Terry Taylor vs. Brian Pillman
WCW Top 10
Sting vs. Mike Fever
Cactus Jack vs. Ian Weston
Promo-Halloween Havoc
Lex Luger vs. Terry Bronson
Danger Zone-Rick Steiner
The Enforcers vs. Rick Steiner-Handicap Match

October 27,1991:
Johnny B Badd vs. Dave Taylor
WCW Top 10
Promo Halloween Havoc
Oz vs. John Finch
Interview-Ron Simmons
Madusa vs. Judy Martin
Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer

November 3,1991:
PN News vs. Bill Ford
WCW Top 10
WCW Magazine-Madusa
The Enforcers vs. Jesse French,Scott Sandlin
Interview-Big Josh,Tom Zenk,Dustin Rhodes
Cactus Jack,Abdullah The Butcher vs. ???
6-Man Title: Big Josh,Tom Zenk,Dustin Rhodes vs. Ricky Morton,Terry Taylor,Tommy Rich

November 10,1991:
Madusa vs. Leilani Kai
WCW Top 10
The Enforcers vs. Young Pistols (JIP)
Interview-Tom Zenk,Big Josh,Dustin Rhodes
Rick Steiner vs. Rick Thames
Clips-Big Van Vader
Interview-York Foundation
Van Hammer vs. Jim Boss
6-Man Titles: Terry Taylor,Tommy Rich,Ricky Morton vs. Tom Zenk,Big Josh,Dustin Rhodes
Interview-Van Hammer
Bill Kazmaier vs. Zan Panzer

November 17,1991:
TV Title: Tracy Smothers vs. Steve Austin
Clips-Rick Steiner/Lex Luger,Harley Race, Mr Hughes
Madusa vs. Judy Martin (same from Oct 27)
Promo-Paul E Dangerously,Rick Rude
Interview-Cactus Jack
Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson (JIP)
Cactus Jack vs. Tom Zenk

November 24,1991:
Arachnaman vs. Lou Fabiano
WCW Top 10
Clip-Lex Luger vs. Rick Steiner (Clash XVII)
Barry Windham vs. Larry Zbyszko
Interview-Harley Race,Mr Hughes
The Patriots vs. Bob Cook,Chris Sullivan
Steve Armstrong vs. Mr Hughes

December 1,1991:
Van Hammer vs. The Medic
Clip-Ricky Steamboat,Dustin Rhodes vs. The Enforcers (Clash XVII)
Sting vs. Doug Somers
Ross Report-Michael Hayes
Rick Steiner vs. Mike Fever
Interview-Harley Race
6-Man Titles:Freebirds,Bobby Eaton vs. Ricky Morton,Tommy Rich,Terry Taylor

December 8,1991:
Dustin Rhodes,Tom Zenk,Big Josh vs. Ricky Morton,Tommy Rich,Terry Taylor-Thunderdome Cage Match (JIP)
WCW Magazine-Dangerous Alliance
Van Hammer vs. John Peterson
Ross Report-Paul E Dangerously,Rick Rude
El Gigante vs. Mike Fever
US Tag Titles:Young Pistols vs. The Patriots

December 15,1991:
PN News vs. Mr Hughes-Submit or Surrender match
WCW Magazine-Sting/Bobby Eaton,Steve Austin,Madusa
Cactus Jack vs. Scott Sandlin
Ross Report-Young Pistols
Van Hammer vs. Greg Sawyer
US Tag Title: Young Pistols vs. The Patriots

December 22,1991:
Clip-Jushin Liger vs. AKira Nogami (from Japan)
WCW Top 10
WCW Magazine-Ricky Steamboat/Dangerous Alliance
Dallas Page vs. Terry Bronson
Ross Report-Ricky Steamboat,Dustin Rhodes
Rick Rude vs. ???
Tom Zenk,PN News vs. Johnny B Badd,Diamond Studd

December 29,1991:
Firebreaker Chip vs. Rick Rude
WCW Magazine-Starrcade
Mr Hughes vs. Buddy Baker,Scott Sandlin
WCW Top 10
Ross Report-Paul E Dangerously
Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer
PN News vs. Diamond Studd

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