NWA / WCW World Wide Wrestling (2000)

Worldwide 1-8-00
Clips Bret Hart/Goldberg
Scott Steiner Int.
Clips Tank Abbott/NWO
Souled Out promo
Frankie Lancaster vs. Jerry Flynn
Hardcore Tag match: Disorderly Conduct vs. Knobbs/Finlay

Clips Funk/ Arn, Zbysco/NWO
Booker T int.
Souled Out promo
Berlyn vs. Steve Armstrong
WCW Tag Title: The Texas Outlaws vs. David Flair/Crowbar

Clips of Legends from Nitro (Tito, Steele, Snuka, etc.)
Terry Funk int.
Kimberly Int.
Promos for next match
Rick Cornell vs. Chuck Palumbo

Clips Benoit/Sid
Jarett/Hall/Nash int.
Clips NWO/Terry Taylor
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Kid Romeo
Barbarian vs. Tracy Smothers

Sid/Nash highlights
Clips of Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Finlay
Superbrawl promo
Barry Horowitz vs. Bobby Walker
Rick Cornell vs. The Demon

Clips from Thunder
Jareet/Hall/Nash int
Superbrawl promo
Feature with Bobby Heenan at the Power Plant
Bobby Walker vs. Ice Train
Rhonda Singh vs. Mona

Feature w/ Lex Luger/Liz
Clips of Wall vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Promos for Ready to Rumble
Yung Yang/Jamie Howard vs. Shannon Moore/Shane Helms
Little Jeanie vs. Rhonda Singh
The Demon vs. Fidel Sierra

Harris Bros. vs. Disorderly Conduct
Norman Smiley vs. Scotty Zappa
Clips of Terry Funk/Dustin Rhodes
Barry Horowitz vs. Alan Funk
Jim Duggan vs. Frankie Lancaster
Todd Perri vs. Tommy Rodgers
Hulk Hogan Int.

Clips from Sat Night
Hulk Hogan Int.
Mona vs. Sherri Martel
Silver King/El Dandy vs. The Mamalukes

Wall Promo
Dustin Rhodes/Terry Funk promo
Uncensored promo
Barbarian vs. Finlay
Silver King/El Dandy vs. La Parka/Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Hugh Morrus int.
Hulk Hogan clips
Finlay Int.
Ready to Rumble promo
Chuck Palumbo vs. Finlay
Villano IV/Villano V vs. XS (Lenny Lane/Lodi)
Norman Smiley vs. Hugh Morrus

Ready to Rumble promo
Villano IV/Villano V vs. XS (Lenny Lane/Lodi)
Asya vs. Mona
JC Ice/Frog vs. Jaime San/Yun Yang – Wolfie D shows up
Rick Garcia vs. The Demon
Disorderly Conduct vs. New Harlem Heat (Ahmed/Stevie Ray)

Jimmy Hart int w/ Hail
Clips of Lex Luger vs. DDP from Nitro
Ric Flair/Shane Douglas promo
Rick Fuller vs. Hail w/ Jimmy Hart
Kid Romeo vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr
PG-13/Frog vs. Yung Dragons (Yang/Noble/Kaz Hayashi)

Spring Stampede promo
Clips of Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner from Nitro
Jim Duggan vs. Barry Horowitz
Fidel Sierra (Cuban Assasin of old NWA fame) vs. Sonny Siaki

Mike Awesome int.
Lots of clips w/ DDP/Arquette
Vampiro int.
Shane Eden/PW Douglas vs. Mike Awesome- Handicap match
Kory Williams/Cassidy Riley/James Storm(yes that James Storm) Rick Michaels vs. MIA (Misfits in action)

Madusa Int.
Feature on Nitro Girls
Millionares Club/New Blood promos
Mike Rapada vs. Disco Inferno
Kory Williams/Ashley Hudson vs. Harris Bros.
Mona vs. Madusa Miceli

Ernest Miller int
Kory Williams/Ashley Hudson vs. Tank Abbott/Rick Steiner
Chris Harris vs.Curt Hennig
P.W. Douglas vs. Ernest Miller

Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch int
Ask WCW segment w/ Mike Awesome
Ashley Hudson/Kory Williams vs. Mike/Todd Shane
Vampiro vs. Mike Rapada
Chris Candido/Tammy vs. Shawn Stasiak/Mona

Mamalukes int.
Great American Bash promo
Ask WCW Segment w/ Arn Anderson
Alan Funk vs. Juventud Guerrera
Cassidy Riley/Chris Harris vs. Mamalukes (Vito/Johnny The Bull)
Mike Sanders vs. Crowbar

Shane Douglas int
Jimmy Hart int
Mike Sanders vs. Skip Over
Great American Bash promo
Shane Eden/Alan Funk/Air Paris vs. Kronik (handicap match)
Nitro Girls feature
Chris Harris vs. Shane Douglas

Vampiro int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Shawn Stasiak
Chris Candido vs. Chris Daniels
Alan Funk/Mike Sanders vs. Ashley Hudson/Kory Williams
Crowbar vs. Vampiro

The Artist int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ The Wall
Alan Funk/Mike Sanders vs. Sean O’Haire/Mark Jindrak
Three Count vs. Air Paris/Casidy Riley/James Storm
Nitro Girls feature
The Artist vs. Corp. Cajun (Lash Leroux)- Pasiley and Tylene Buck end up in a chick fight!

7-1-00 (JIP)
Mosylt highlights from Thunder/Nitro

7-15-00 (JIP)
Clips of Ernest Miller vs. Jeff Jarrett
Ask WCW Segment w/ Booker T.
Jim Duggan int
Debra Int.
Ashley Hudson vs. The Artist
Mark Jindrak/Sean O’ Haire vs. Cassidy Riley/Chris Harris
Rick Cornwall vs. Vampiro
Alan Funk/Brian Shane/Mike Sanders vs. MIA (Van Hammer/Leroux/Morrus)

Kronik Int
Feature on Booker T.
Ernest Miller int.
Mike Sanders vs. Buff Bagwell
Mike Rapada/Korey Williams/James Storm/Air Paris vs. Kronik (Handicapped match)
Cruiserweight Title match: The Artist vs. Lt. Loco (Chavo)

Norman Smiley/Ralphus int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Buff Bagwell
Cassidy Riley/James Black vs. Rick Steiner (Handicapped match)
P.W. Douglas vs. Norman Smiley
New Blood Rising promo
Skip Over(Elix Skipper) vs. Billy Kidman
Brief feature on Nitro Girls
The Perfect Event (Palumbo/Stasiak) vs. Mark Jindrak/Sean O’ Haire

Shane Douglas/Torrie Wilson int
Ask WCW Segment w/ Jimmy Hart
Scott Overhosen vs. Shane Douglas
New Blood Rising promo
Chris Harris/Mike Rapada vs. Mark Jindrak/Sean O’ Haire
Disco Inferno vs. Buff Bagwell

MIA Int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Billy Kidman
Cody Hawk/Race Steele/Anthony McMurphy vs. MIA (Chavo/Leroux/Morrus)
Matt Stryker/Chris Harris vs. Rey Mysterio/Disco Inferno
New Blood Rising promo
Nitro Girls feature
Great Muta vs. Brian Adams

Vito int.
Nitro Girls feature
Ask WCW Segment w/ Major Gunns
Mike Rapada vs. M.I. Smooth
Chris Harris vs. Shawn Stasiak
Yung Dragons (Noble/Yang/Hayashi) vs. Rey Mysterio/Juventud Gurrera/Disco Inferno
The Artist vs. Vito
Nitro Girls feature

Ron Harris int
Ask WCW Segemnt w/ Rey Mysterio
Korey Williams/Brian McNeil vs. Harris Bros.
Mad Jack vs. Vampiro
Mark Jindrak/Sean O’ Haire/Shawn Stasiak vs. Yung Dragons

3 Count int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Terry Taylor
Kory Williams/Brian McNeil vs. Kronik
Chris Harris vs. Elix Skipper
3 Count vs. Rey Mysterio/Juventud/Disco Inferno

Leah Meow (Kimona) int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Jeff Jarrett
Mike Rapada vs. Sean O’ Haire
Brian McNeil/Kory Williams/Chris Harris vs. Yung Dragons
Fall Brawl promo
Paisley vs. Tygress vs. Major Gunns w/ Madusa as Ref.

MIA int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Demon/Asya
Ruben Cruz vs. Crowbar
Jeremy Sage vs. Disco Inferno
3 Count vs. Mike Shane/Chris Kruger/Robert Diggs
Fall Brawl promo
Elix Skipper vs. Corp. Cajun (Leroux)

Mike Awesome int.
Clips of Russo vs. Booker T. Cage match
Ask WCW Segment w/ Gen Rection
Steve Sharpe vs. Mike Awesome
Chuck Palumbo vs. Lt. Loco (Chavo)

Vince Russo int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Mike Awesome
Halloween Havoc promo
Kevin Northcutt vs. Norman Smiley
3 Count vs. Filthy Animals (Konnan/Myterio/Guerrera)

Clips from Nitro/Thunder
Ask WCW Segment w/ Sting
Halloween Havoc promo
Jason Styles vs. Robbie Rage
Christopher Daniels vs. Kwee-Wee (Alan Funk)

Clips of Sting vs. Nash lumberjack match from Nitro
Ask WCW Segment w/ Bobby Heenan
Halloween Havoc promo
Allen Walker vs. Robbie Rage
Kevin Northcutt vs. Mike Awesome

11-6-00 (JIP)
Ask WCW Segment w/ Disco Inferno
Clips of Sting/Falir vs. Pillman/Anderson- Havoc 95′
Kwee Wee int.
Bobby Heenan int
Johnny The Bull int
Chris Harris/Scotty Patrick vs. Reno/Johnny The Bull

Havoc recap
Ask WCW Segment w/ Ric Flair
Paul Orndorff int (Shoots on his injury and the current state of wrestling, good stuff)
Clips of Flair vs. Sting vs. Luger- Starrcade 95′
Kevin Northcutt vs. Robbie Rage

DDP int.
Ask WCW Segment w/ Tony Schiavone
Zbysco gives wrestling lessons
Clips of Rey Mysterio vs. Phycosis- Bash at the Beach 96′
Mayhem promos

Clips from Nitro/Thunder
Feature on the women of WCW
Mayhem promo
Ask WCW Segment w/ Jim Duggan
clips of Buff Bagwell vs. DDP- Great American Bash 96′

Video of Bagwell/Scotty Riggs
Scotty Riggs vs. Buff Bagwell- Souled Out 97′
Ask WCW Segment w/ Ric Flair
Clips of WCW charity softball game in Atlanta
Ian Harrison vs. Sgt. Awol (The Wall)
Kwee Wee vs. Norman Smiley

Mayhem results
Clips of Goldberg’s media tour
Ask WCW w Major Gunns
clips of women of WCW photo shoot
Steiner bros. vs. Harlem Heat- Great American Bash 97′
Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T- Bash at the beach 2000
clips of Booker T vs. Scott Steiner

Clips from Nitro/Thunder
Ask WCW Segment w/ Nick Patrick
Maya int (new Nitro girl)
Starrcade promo
Steiner vs. Outsiders- Road Wild 97′
Buff Bagwell vs. Drew McDonald

Nitro/Thunder clips
Chae int (Nitro girl)
clips of Goldberg on the man show
Ask WCW Segment w/ Tony Schiavone
Hogan vs. Sting- Starrcade 97′
3 count sings christmas carols until attcked by Natural Born Thrillers, who then take over singing lol

Starrcade results
Bobby Eaton vs. Alex Wright-COTC 30
Ask WCW Segment w/ Brian Clark
Clips of Goldberg vs. Hugh Morrus from 97′- his debut
Sin promo

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