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Paige Knows Who Leaked Her Private Photos & Videos

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• Paige Knows Who Leaked Her Private Photos & Videos

In March 2017, Paige (Saraya) faced the biggest nightmare of her life when her private photos and videos were leaked on the Internet.

Paige got depressed and even considered suicide due to that situation. However, she overcame it and is back in the wrestling world.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Paige recalled an incident with a fan at a bar and who leaked her stuff.

Below is what she said:

“Publicly people would recognize me and say the meanest sh*t.

Like Twitter was real for a second which is not usually real like people would hurling f**king sh*t at me.

I remember one time I was sitting at a bar with my friends and someone asked like a picture or something like that and I was like yeah, like can we get it afterwards, I’m just gonna eat my food and then totally we can have it.

So we are eating and he was just like I already want it because you’re a f**king p*rn star.

It was the first time hearing it in public like someone’s saying that to me and usually, it’s just on social media and I have control of that because I can just delete it off my phone, right?

But having that in person I like ran to the bathroom and I started sobbing. I was like crying my eyes out, I was just like I can’t believe someone said that to me and I’m not a f**king p*rn star, like this is not who I am, like this is not what I wanted.

Like I’m a victim in this. People don’t realize that I’m the f**king victim in this.

People just think that I put them on the Internet. I’m like I would never, that wasn’t even on my phone.

That stuff wasn’t on my cloud, it was on my boyfriend’s (at the time) phone, and so I believe it was him. He can deny all he wants, but I believe it was him because no one else had that stuff.”

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