Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1981)

1/3/81 – 34:00

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer Int

Rose – Youngblood 2/3

Boyd Int

Rose/Youngblood Post Match Int

1/10/81 – 51:00

Youngblood/Lightfoot Int

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer Int

Jay Youngblood Sr/ Jay Youngblood Jr./Joe Lightfoot – Rose/Oliver/Destroyer (Rose steals Youngblood’s PNW belt & threatens to throw in
Porland’s Willamette River.)

Army Int

Boyd Int

Rose Int
1/17/81 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:27 (Good video, but the audio flutters)

Matt Borne – Mike Allen

Boyd – Youngblood Sr.

Oliver/Destroyer Int

Youngblood/Lightfoot – Oliver/Destroyer 2/3

Boyd Int

Youngblood Int

Oliver/Destroyer Post Match Int

1/24/81 – 14:00

Rose/Destroyer/Oliver Int

Boyd Int

Rose presents new PNW belt to Youngblood, then attacks him

Youngbloods/Lightfoot Int
1/31/81 – 41:00 (Video is “grainy” like the VCR tuner wasn’t tuned properly)

Rose Interview featuring video of him throwing the PNW belt off Portland’s Freemont Bridge

Rose/Oliver – Jay Youngblood Sr. & Jr.

Youngblood Jr. Int

Borne/Sawyer Int

Boyd Int

Army/Youngblood Post Match Int
2/21/81 – 30:00

Youngblood/Sawyer Int

Rose Int (he’s on the beach in Hawaii, filmed while he was “suspended”)

Rose – Afi 2/3

Youngblood Int

Army Int

Borne/Sawyer Int

3/7/81 – 20:00

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer Int

Youngblood – Destroyer strap match

Youngblood/Destroyer Post Match Int

Boyd Int
3/14/81 – 29:00

Boyd – Rose

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer Int

Boyd Int

Youngblood – Destroyer (joined in progress)

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer/Youngblood Post Match Int

5/30/81 – 46:00

Stan Stasiak – Matt Borne

Rose – Tony Borne (Matt Borne run in as Tony bleeds)

Rose Int with Piper taped interview

Hack & Buzz Sawyer – Oliver/Destroyer (joined mid-second fall…TV is late getting back to third fall)

Sawyers/Steve Regal Int

Rose/Oliver/Destroyer/Hack Sawyer/Regal Post Match Int

6/6/81 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:29

Tony Borne – Chris Colt

Stasiak – Regal

Rose Int (replay of Piper taped interview)

Rose – Matt Borne 2/3 (Oliver & Tony Borne run in as Rose bleeds a gusher!)

Oliver/Destroyer Int

Regal Int

Rose/Oliver/Bornes Post Match Int
6/13/81 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:27

Stasiak – Terry Fargo

Buzz Sawyer – Tiny Anderson

Army Int

Ed Moretti – Sivi Afi

Princess Victoria Int

Matt Borne Int

Bornes – Rose/Oliver 2/3

Oliver Int

Regal Int

Rose/Oliver Post Match Int
7/25/81 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:29

King Parsons – Afi

Hacksaw Sawyer – Tiny Anderson

Rose/Oliver Int

Rose/Oliver – Regal/Sawyer 2/3

Regal Int

Matt Borne Int

Marv Tonkin Ford Commercial with Buddy Rose & Sandy Barr

Rose/Oliver/Regal/Borne Post Match Int

Home video of Buddy Rose’s wedding to Toni Rae Borne….attending were Rip Oliver, David “Destroyer” Sierra, Sandy Barr & Tony
Borne…but not Matt Borne.
8/15/81 – 37:00

Rose/Princess Victoria Int

Regal – Rose 2/3

Borne Int

Oliver/Rose Int

Regal/Rose Post Match Int

9/5/81…1:28…Complete show w/original commercials…GREAT QUALITY!!!
NOTE: There was an obvious technical problem at arena this night at the ring mic didn’t work and there was a very low hum over the first part
of the TV audio.
Chris Colt vs Art Crews
King Parsons vs Terry Fargo
Playboy Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Stan Stasiak vs Brett “Hacksaw” Saywer
Matt Borne Interview
Stan Stasiak Interview
Steve Regal/Stan Stasiak Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview

9/12/81….1:28….Complete show w/original commercials…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Chris Colt vs Art Crews
Matt Borne Interview
Johnny Eagle Interview (talking about his open heart surgery)
King Parsons vs Mike Masters
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song vs Matt Borne/Brett Sawyer
Steve Regal Interview
Rose/Song Interview
9/19/81 – 55:00

Chris Colt – Art Crews (joined in progress)

Rose/Kim Song Int

Rose/Stasiak/Song – Regal/Borne/Parsons 2/3

Mike Masters Int

Rose/Song/Regal Post Match Int
9/26/81…1:32….Complete show w/original commercials…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Masters vs Art Crews
Chris Colt vs Billy White Cloud
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song Interview as Song breaks bricks with his head
Matt Borne/Steve Regal vs Buddy Rose/Kim Song
Regal/Borne Interview
Billy White Cloud Interview
Rose/Song/Borne/Regal post match Interview

10/3/81…1:32…Complete show w/original commercials…GREAT QUALITY!!!
King Parsons vs Terry Fargo
Brett “Hacksaw” Sawyer vs Mike Masters
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak/Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak vs Matt Borne/Steve Regal
Steve Regal Interview
Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose Interview

10/10/81 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Terry Fargo – Art Crews

Mike Masters – Matt Borne

Rose Int

Gene Kininski – King Parsons

Borne Int

Rose – Hacksaw Sawyer 2/3

Regal Int

Rose/Masters Int

10/17/81…58:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Tony Borne vs Hacksaw Sawyer
Stan Stasiak vs Art Crews (end of match)
Playboy Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters vs Steve Regal/Matt Borne
Steve Regal Interview
Matt Borne/Tony Borne Interview
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview

10/21/81…17:00…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Local Portland TV Talk Show with Matt Borne, Steve Regal, Playboy Buddy Rose, Mike Masters & Stan Stasiak

10/24/81…11:00…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview….He announces that he’s divorcing wife Toni Rae, Matt Borne’s legit sister
Steve Regal Interview
King Parson/Mike Masters (start & end of match)
Matt Borne Interview
Rose/Stasiak/Masters Interview
10/31/81….8:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Kim Song vs Hack Sawyer (intro of match with Rose saying he’s considering adding Song to his Army)
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview (same as disc #15)
Borne & Rose match signing match interview (same as disc #15)

10/31/81….15:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Playboy Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Matt Borne vs Mike Masters (intro & end of match only)
Borne & Rose match signing match interview
Steve Regal Interview
11/7/81….36:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Stan Stasiak, Buddy Rose, Mike Masters Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose vs King Parsons (Rocky Johnson debuts with a run in)
Steve Regal/Matt Borne Interview
Rocky Johnson vs Stan Stasiak
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Rocky Johnson
Buddy Rose Interview
11/14/81 – 25:00

Rose – Sawyer (Steve Regal commentary)

Rocky Johnson/King Parsons Int

Matt Borne/Art Crews (intro only)

Borne/Rose Int (Borne has joined Rose’s Army)

Regal Int

Statsiak/Rose Int

11/21/81 – 37:00

Rose/Stasiak/Borne/Masters Int

Rose/Stasiak – Johnson/Parsons 2/3

Regal/Johnson Int

Johnson/Parsons/Rose Post Match Int
11/28/81 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Masters – Crews (Johnson & Rose run in)

Chung Lee – Billy Whitecloud

Army Int

Rose/Stasiak – Johnson/Parsons 2/3 (Rocky & King win tag belts)

Regal/Johnson Int

Rose/Johnson Post Match Int (Rocky gets bloodied)

11/28/81…both shows total 1:53…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Masters vs Art Crews (Buddy Rose & Rocky Johnson run in)
Chung Lee vs Billy Whitecloid
Rose’s Army: Buddy Rose, Stan Stasiak, Mike Masters & Matt Borne Interview
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak vs Rocky Johnson & King Parsons (2/3 falls)
Steve Regal/Rocky Johnson Interview (Regal’s Portland debut)
Buddy Rose Interview (Rocky Johnson joins and gets bloodied up)

Rose’s Army Interview
Matt Borne/Buddy Rose vs Rocky Johnson/King Parsons (2/3 falls)
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Steve Regal Interview
Rocky Johnson/King Parsons/Hack Sawyer Interview

12/5/81 – 36:00

Rose/Borne/Masters Int

Rose/Borne – Johnson/Parsons

Rose/Masters Int

Regal Int

Johnson/Parsons/Sawyer Post Match Int

04. Buddy Rose vs. Jay Youngblood – 1981/01/03

05. Strap Match:

Jay Youngblood vs. Rip Oliver – 1981/02/14

06. Strap Match:

Jay Youngblood vs. The Destroyer – 1981/03/08

07. Jay Youngblood vs. The Destroyer – 1981/03/15

08. Jay Youngblood vs. Buddy Rose – 1981/04/11

09. Buddy Rose vs. Matt Borne – 1981/05/09

10. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver vs. Roddy Piper & Steve Regal – 1981/06/20

11. Battle Royal – 1981/06/20

02. Buddy Rose vs. The Destroyer – 1981/07/18

Portland TV Talk Show with Playboy Buddy Rose & Matt Borne – 15:00

04. Buddy Rose & Kim Sung & Stan Stasiak vs. Matt Borne & Steve Regal & Iceman King Parsons – 1981/09/19

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