Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1985)

1/12/85…1:01….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Bobby Jaggers vs Sivi Afa
Cuban Assassin vs Jerry Grey
Kendo Nagasaki/Ed Wiskowski Interview
Billy Two Eagles/Don Running Bear vs Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony Interview
Cuban Assassin Interview
Tom Pritchard Interview

1/19/85….1:02….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Miller vs Jerry Grey
Bobby Jaggers vs Mr. Ebony
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Tom Pritchard vs Cuban Assassin (bloody)
Mike Miller Interview
Tom Pritchard Interview

1/26/85….50:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Kendo Nagasaki vs Mando Guerrero
Bobby Jaggers vs Mike Miller (Jaggers presented with new PNW belt)
Ed Wiskowski/Kendo Nagasaki Interview
Bobby Jaggers/Mike Miller post match interview after Miller steals new belt

2/2/85….33:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Billy Jack Haynes vs Keno Nagasaki (bloody)
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Ed Wiskowski/Kendo Nagasaki Interview
Billy Jack Haynes/Ed Wiskowski post match interview

2/9/85 & 2/23/85….39:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Bobby Jaggers vs Cuban Assassin (bloody) 2/9/85

2/16/85….25:00…GREAT QUALITY!!!
Bobby Jaggers vs Ed Wiskowski – joined in second fall (Wiskowski is starting to grow a beard to prepare for his Mega Maharishi gimmick, which would start in a few weeks.)
Billy Jack Haynes introduces Ricky Vaughn to Portland Wrestling
Bobby Jaggers interview as he debuts the new PNW heavyweight belt

Complete 20/20 segment on Pro Wrestling with the infamous David Schultz slap of John Stossel

Bobby Jaggers vs Mike Miller’s “mystery opponent” Karl Steiner (bloody) 2/23/85
Bobby Jaggers/Billy Jack Haynes Interview 2/23/85

4/20/85….Complete show w/ commercials joined at start of first match intros…1:25….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Karl Steiner vs Don Running Bear
Mega Maharishi vs Billy Two Eagles (Don Owen calls him Billy Two Rivers!)
During intro of the above match Rip Oliver returns to Portland after a six month absence and demands a TV match with Billy Jack Haynes
Road Warriors vs Steve Olsonoski/Jerry Monti in a taped match to promote the Road Warriors coming to Portland
Rip Oliver vs Billy Jack Haynes
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Mike Miller Interview
Billy Jack Haynes Post Match Interview

•May 21, 1985 – Owen Promotions 60th Anniversary Show
in Portland, OR at The Memorial Coliseum:
Cowboy Lang vs. Little Tokyo,
Mega Maharishi (Ed Wiskowski) vs. Billy Two Eagles,
Jerry Grey vs. Rocky Venturo,
Karl Steiner vs. Steve Simpson,
Bobby Jaggers and Ricky Vaughn vs. Timothy Flowers and Chris Colt,
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Kendo Nagasaki,
Roddy Piper vs. Buddy Rose,
Larry and Curt Hennig vs. The Road Warriors,
Rick Martel vs. Mike Miller for the AWA World title,
Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Billy Jack Haynes

Portland Wrestling – Owen Family 60th Anniversary Extravaganza (05/21/1985)
Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. “Playboy” Buddy Rose
Kendo Nagasaki vs. Sgt. Slaughter
AWA Tag Team Championship Match:
Curt Hennig & Larry Hennig vs. The Road Warriors
AWA World Heavyweight Title Match:
Rick Martel vs. “Mean” Mike Miller
NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:
Ric Flair vs. Billy Jack Haynes

6/29/85….Complete show w/commercials (last two commercial breaks edited)….1:22….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Steve Simpson vs Diamond Timothy Flowers
Steve Pardee vs Playboy Buddy Rose
Bobby Jaggers/Ricky Vaughn Interview
Billy Two Eagles vs Karl Steiner
Mike Miller/Karl Steiner Interview
Jerry Grey vs Mike Miller
Mega Maharishi/Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Bobby Jaggers/Ricky Vaughn Interview

7/6/85….12:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mega Maharishi/Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Ricky Vaughn vs Karl Steiner (third fall only)
Mike Miller/Karl Steiner Interview

09-24-1985 – Owen Family Super Extravaganza
Debbie Combs vs. Liz Chase (Joined in Progress)
Ricky Vaughn vs. “Moondog” Ed Moretti
The Russians vs. Bobby Jaggers & Steve Pardee
NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title Match: The S & S Express vs. Karl Steiner & “Mean” Mike Miller
NWA World Heavyweight Title Match : Ric Flair vs. Magnum T.A.
AWA World Tag Team Title Match: The Road Warriors vs. Billy Jack Haynes & Sgt. Slaughter

9/28/85….10:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
End of Billy Jack Haynes vs Rip Oliver match with a Bobby Jaggers heel turn run in
Rip Oliver/Bobby Jaggers Interview

End of Billy Jack Haynes/Rip Oliver match with Bobby Jaggers heel turn
Bobby Jaggers/Rip Oliver interview

12/21/85….6:00….GREAT QUALITY!!!
The infamous “Santa Rip” incident….That match itself between Billy Jack Haynes & Diamond Timothy Flowers wasn’t anything special. Both Billy Jack & Rip Oliver had been out of Portland for a few months. This was Billy’s first match back. Nobody expected Oliver back. This was a surprise to everyone because “Santa” had been walking around the arena for over an hour tossing out candy to kids, as you’ll see at the beginning of the clip. Also, as you’ll see, Portland TV cut away before Santa hit the ring as they didn’t want kids to Santa taking a tire iron to BJH.

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