Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1986)

1/5/86….1:05….GREAT QUALITY!!!
Ed Wiskowski vs Jerry Grey
Cuban Assassin vs Mondo Guerrero
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony Interview
BATTLE ROYAL with Tom Pritchard, Bobby Jaggers, Billy Two Eagles, Don Running Bear,
Mike Miller, Mr. Ebony, Cuban Assassin, Ed Wiskowski, Jerry Grey, Kendo Nagasaki,
Mando Guerrero & Sivi Afi
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Mike Miller vs Don Running Bear
Tom Pritchard Interview
Mike Miller Interview
•January 21, 1986 – Superstar Extravaganza
in Portland, OR at Veterans’ Coliseum:
Scott Doring vs. Ole Olson,
Nick Kiniski vs. Timothy Flowers,
Billy Two Eagles vs. Gary Royal,
Billy Jack Haynes and Brady Boone vs. Moondog Moretti and Karl Steiner,
Steve Pardee vs. Rip Oliver,
Jerry Sampson vs. Chris Colt,
Little Mr. T vs. Little Tokyo,
The Road Warriors and Magnum TA vs. Ivan and Nikita Koloff and Timothy Flowers,
Tom Zenk vs. Bobby Jaggers for the PNW Heavyweight title,
Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes for the NWA World Heavyweight title
Billy Jack Haynes vs Bobby Jaggers
Rip Oliver & Bobby Jaggers attack Billy Jack Haynes & Promoter Barry Owen with BJH’s
trophy that he won in Japan. Don Owen announces that Oliver is barred from the Pacific
Northwest “forever.”
4/26/86 – 1:01
Billy Two Eagles – Ed Morretti
Billy Jack – Assassin – Coal Miner-s Glove Match (ends with empty locker rooms)
Bobby Jaggers/Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview
Karl Steiner – Nick Kininski
Assassin Int (Billy Jack run in)

5/3/86 – 27:00
Assassin/Miller/Dein Int
Jaggers – Kininski final two falls
Jack Int
Kininski/Brady Boone/Coco Samoa Int (cuts off very end)

6/28/86….47:00….complete show with no commercials
Scott Doring vs Tarzan White
Nick Kiniski/Tama Samoa/Stoney Burke Interview
Rocky Johnson vs Rip Oliver
Mike Miller/Abudda-Dein Interview
Brady Boone vs Abudda-Dein
Coco Samoa/Brady Boone Interview

7/5/86….47:00….complete show with no commercials
Mike Miller vs Joey Jackson
Stoney Burke Interview
Tarzan White vs Stoney Burke
Brady Boone/Scott Doring Interview
Abudda-Dein vs Scott Doring
Mike Miller/Adubba-Dein Interview
Rip Oliver Interview

7/12/86….48:00….complete show with no commercials
Tama Samoa vs Tarzan White
Ricky Santana Portland debut interview with Scott Doring
Brady Boone vs Joey Jackson
Coco Samoa/Brady Boone Interview
Rip Oliver vs Coco Samoa
Mike Miller/Abudda-Dein/Rip Oliver Interview

7/19/86…48:00….complete show with no commercials
Stoney Burke vs Tama Samoa
Ricky Santana/Vinnie Valentino Interview
Chris Colt vs Ricky Santana
Coco Samoa Interview
Coco Samoa vs Rip Oliver
Brady Boone/Scott Doring Interview
Rip Oliver/Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview
7/26/86….48:00….complete show with no commercials
Chris Colt vs Tama Samoa
Coco Samoa/Ricky Santana Interview
Ricky Santana vs Joey Jackson
Scott Doring/Brady Boone Interview
Rip Oliver vs Coco Samoa
Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview
Coco Samoa/Scott Doring/Brady Boone Interview

8/9/86….48:00….complete show with no commercials
Tama Samoa vs Stoney Burke
Coco Samoa/Ricky Santana Interview
Rip Oliver/Abuda-Dein vs Scott Doring/Brady Boone
Brady Boone/Scott Doring Interview
Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview
Rip Oliver/Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview

8/16/86….38:00…has some tracking issues from time to time
Verne Siebert vs Scott Doring
Mike Miller/Abudda-Dein Interview
Vinnie Valentino vs Abudda-Dein
Ricky Santana/Coco Samoa Interview

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