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8. Old School WWF Star Celebrated His Birthday, What Happened In The SmackDown Live Dark Main Event This Week?

Old School WWF Star Celebrated His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Superstar Al Snow (real name: Allen Ray Sarven) celebrated his 54th birthday yesterday.

Al Snow is considered a veteran of the ring, some even consider him a Legend, who has a lot of experience and wrestled for various promotions during his long illustrious career like ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling, SMW Smoky Mountain Wrestling and later on even TNA Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. While he portrayed quite a few characters in the WWF during the New Generation Era, such as Avatar, Shinobi & Leif Cassidy, one half of the New Rockers, Al Snow eventually became a big name during the Attitude Era where he won the WWF European Championship, the WWF Tag Team Championship (with Mankind) and the WWF Hardcore Championship (which he held 6 times).


What Happened In The SmackDown Live Dark Main Event This Week?

In this week’s SmackDown Live dark main event match (which takes place after 205 Live goes off the air), John Cena teamed up with Randy Orton to face the team of Rusev & WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

During the ending moments of this match, Orton nailed Mahal with an RKO and Cena hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle & Attitude Adjustment on Rusev to get the win for his team. You can watch the ending of this match below:

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