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19. Jim Ross Thinks Jason Jordan & His “Dad” Kurt Angle Could Be Great Heels, Braun Strowman’s Current Level

During a recent blog entry on his website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed the events that took place on this week’s episode of Raw. Below are the highlights:

On Jason Jordan being revealed as Kurt Angle’s son:
“Might just be me but after watching the Rene Young interview, nicely done by the way, with Kurt Angle and his ‘Son’ Jason Jordan on the WWE Network after RAW, I can easily see where Jordan and ‘Dad’ could be terrific villains down the road.”

On Braun Strowman’s current level:
“Based on what I saw Monday night on Raw regarding Braun Strowman, I can easily see WWE going all the way with the giant athlete from North Carolina. A Lesnar-Strowman high level contest down the road is going to make a compelling main event and could elevate Strowman to the rarefied air community. Seems to me, simply by watching as fan, that when Braun walked away from the ambulance crash of a few weeks ago, that he walked away as a character ‘Face’ or a least that’s how I took it. Bottom line, it will be challenging for many fans to truly dislike this huge man. WWE has done a really nice job building Strowman to his current level.”

On many Mae Young Classic competitors possibly earning WWE contracts due to their performance:

“Loved being a part of the Mae Young Classic that saw me in Orlando for six days last week, interviewing all 32 women representing 13 countries, plus Lita and I called 30 bouts over two nights. I’ve never been in a pro wresting environment where there was so much natural passion and motivation from the roster whose only agenda was to have great matches and take a giant step forward in building women’s wrestling. I talk about ‘The Mae’ on this week’s podcast and will share that I never dreamed of how personally impactful this event would become to me, until I became immersed in it throughout the interview process on Monday and Tuesday.

I enjoyed working with Amy Dumas and Madusa very much. I fed off their passion, without question, and you will hear it if you listen to our broadcast. As I understand it, the reason the broadcasts will begin airing August 28 instead of sooner is because the shows needs thorough post production/editing to add all the elements that are needed with the tournament format and personality profiles, etc. The finals will be live on the WWE Network on Tuesday night September 12 from Las Vegas following SD Live. I’m guessing that several women will likely earn a WWE contract based on their performances in the tournament.”

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