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Randy Orton Takes A Shot At Vince McMahon

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Randy Orton is glad that Vince McMahon is no longer a part of WWE.

The wrestling world has been buzzing about the new era in WWE, marked by significant improvements both on-screen and behind the scenes. Many wrestlers have expressed that the atmosphere is more relaxed with Triple H at the helm, leading to a more organized backstage environment. Additionally, WWE wrestlers now enjoy more time off to spend with their families, reflecting a positive shift in the company’s approach to its performers’ well-being.

During a recent event where Bob Orton was inducted into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame, renowned wrestling journalist Bill Apter had the opportunity to catch up with Bob’s son, Randy Orton. Among the topics discussed was the current state of WWE and Randy’s perspective on the changes implemented under Triple H’s leadership.

Randy Orton, a veteran and prominent figure in WWE, shared his thoughts on the evolving landscape of the company. He noted the improved organization and the more relaxed atmosphere that many of his colleagues have also praised. Orton highlighted that the changes have not only enhanced the working environment but also contributed to a better work-life balance for the talent, allowing them more opportunities to spend quality time with their families.

During this interview, Orton took a little shot at his former boss, Vince McMahon, and noted that he’s glad Vince isn’t running things anymore.

Here’s what The Viper said:

“Off the top of my head, listen I love Vince. He gave me so many opportunities. I think it was kind of time for him to move on. It’s unfortunate that it happened in the way that it happened. But it’s nice having people in charge of me that understand how important it is for you to be home for birthdays and home for Thanksgiving and home for Christmas.

Vince McMahon had RAW on Monday night live. He doesn’t care if you had kids. I came to him when I was 35 and my back really started going and I pleaded with him like man, I gotta like not do as many shows [and] maybe do half the tour and be able to recover and he just looked at me and was like, ‘I need you on those shows, Randy. Mother nature gets us all’.

To hear that and go ok well I guess there’s no other thing I can do other than just wear myself out down to the knub until I can’t walk anymore for this man. All of the opportunities he gave me, it’s nice having him out of there. It’s nice having his son-in-law Triple H running the game. Nick Khan is great.

Everybody at TKO that’s come in and stepped in, they seem to get it and it’s a different era. I think the way that they care for talent nowadays and make sure the talent is good and if they need a little bit of a break – we’re only human – they get it, most of the time.”

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