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Randy Savage Stole Drugs Along With WWF Wrestler Using Sleeper Hold

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Drug usage was very common for wrestlers back in the day and almost everybody did something, including WWF/WCW Legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Speaking to SK Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long recalled going out in a van with Savage and “Dirty” Dick Slater in search of some weed.

Long revealed that Savage told Slater to lock the drug dealer in the Sleeper Hold so that they could steal all his drugs after he’d pass out.

Randy [Savage] and Dick Slater wanted to get some weed. So, I knew this guy in the west end part of Georgia where we could get the weed, and at that time, you could go over and have guys running over to your car for a nickel bag, dime bag, whatever.

So we drive over to this place, to the spot where we could get some weed from. So I see the guy, the guy sees me, he recognizes Savage because everybody watched the old TBS back then.

Now, I didn’t know it back then, but I know it now; I’d seen Savage give Slater the ‘office’, okay? Well, he nodded his head.

So, as soon as Slater got [to] the office, he hooked the guy right in the sleeper. Hooks him right in the car; I mean, he puts the shoot sleeper on him right there, and they put this guy out.

They put him to sleep and took all of his cocaine, everything he had, and we got in the van and we left. That’s a true story.”

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