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RAW Wrestler Says Drew McIntyre Is On Brock Lesnar’s Level Now

Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar - Night 2 Of WrestleMania 36

• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (May 23, 1999) – WWF Sunday Night HEAT

On this day in 1999, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Sunday Night HEAT’.

This was the official pre-show of the ‘WWF Over the Edge 1999’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

1. Meat vs. Brian Christopher

2. Hardy Boys vs. Goldust & Blue Meanie

3. Mr. McMahon vs. Mideon

• RAW Wrestler Says Drew McIntyre Is On Brock Lesnar’s Level Now

Before their WWE Championship match at Backlash next month, Bobby Lashley was interviewed by talkSPORT, where he broke kayfabe to praise Drew McIntyre.

Below are the highlights:

On a potential match with Brock Lesnar:

“We are fans the same way – well, at least I am – the same way everybody else is. When I heard the winner [of Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley at Extreme Rules 2018] gets Brock, I was like, is this it? Am I finally getting it? Then it’s ‘not now!’

I don’t know what the situation is. I don’t know what the case is. But I do believe eventually it will happen before Brock and I are senior citizens. The one thing that people – and I don’t want to switch gears here – but Drew McIntyre is a Brock Lesnar. He definitely is. I think that a matchup with Drew is just as exciting as Brock, to me, if done right.

Of course, I want the Brock match. I’m not erasing that [laughs]. But I think both of those matches are great matches. I think eventually the dots will be connected and I think right now with the right people in the right places, I think a lot of really big things could be happening.”

On him being rumored to team up with Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 34:

“I didn’t know anything to tell you the truth. At the beginning when we first negotiated and started talking, I was supposed to be coming back around WrestleMania time. There was talks of before, during and after. I didn’t hear about after. I heard about doing something before to set up an angle for WrestleMania, or doing something at WrestleMania – didn’t know.

I really didn’t know anything about the Braun tagging thing. If they would have told me that, I would have been all for it. That’s an incredible opportunity. I mean to come back as the Tag Team Champion!

They may have talked about, may have discussed it, somebody may have said yes, no – I have no clue. To this day, I have never heard that. That would have been a cool way to come back, but the way that they told me was the way that they told me. Conspiracy theories, I love them! [laughs].”

On his main target in WWE right now:

“I definitely want to win a World Title. I definitely want to. The years that I’ve put in the business and the matches I’ve had with so many different people, I definitely want to.

But another thing I want to do, and I hope this is not shooting myself in the foot or kicking myself in the butt, but when I first got in the wrestling business and I was first starting out, there were guys like myself who were a bit older in the business.

And one thing they did, they wanted to make the younger guys. But at the same it in making the younger guys, they had to have something credible for the younger guys to go after. And I think that I’m one of those guys. The younger guys should be hungry to come and beat me. Because I’m not someone you should just be able to beat.

When I came in I had the Big Shows, the JBLs, the William Regals, the Fit Finlays, the Booker Ts, Batista – I had all these different guys to overcome, and these are huge mountains to overcome. And coming back in the wrestling business right there, I think a lot of the young guys need that guy, because I always say, you can’t have that great good guy without a good bad guy. I’m that good bad guy.

I’m the guy that can walk up to you and snatch something out of your hand and then you got to make a decision ‘ahhh, I don’t need that anymore. You just go and have that.’ [laughs]. We can share it if you want to!

But, I’m that guy. I’m that guy that should be beating the crap out of Ricochet every single day until you guys are begging for Ricochet to just punch me in the mouth. But, he can’t do it! I’m the guy to do it to him, to Drew, to anybody.”

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