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Reaction Of TNA Stars To The Firing Of Scott D’Amore

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Shortly after the highly successful Hard to Kill PPV weekend in Las Vegas, Scott D’Amore has been ousted as TNA President by parent company Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Anthem owner Len Asper directly made the decision. Anthem Sports and Entertainment will now take a more hands-on approach in managing TNA, integrating it into their entertainment division to enhance synergy and maximize potential collaboration.

For several weeks, there were murmurs within the company suggesting impending changes, particularly after executives at Anthem, including Anthony Cicione and Ariel Schener, Vice President of Business Development, began engaging with TNA staff and roster members to assess operations and gather feedback.

This outreach, though uncharacteristic for Anthem, hinted at preparations for a shift in TNA’s positioning within the company, potentially signaling a transition away from Scott D’Amore’s leadership.

Anthony Cicione has been appointed the President of TNA Wrestling.

Cicione has been with Anthem for the last 16 years, managing technical operations and multiple cable and digital channels.

Prior to his time with Anthem, Cicione was a producer of sports content including catapulting The Score to success by bringing WWE to the channel.

According to PWInsider, there is discontent among some wrestlers regarding recent changes. Some wrestlers feel that the approach taken to announce these changes wasn’t ideal for building relationships. There’s a strong connection between several wrestlers and Scott D’Amore, and most enjoyed working with him.

Some were unhappy with the prepared statement read by Cicone at the meeting with the TNA roster, although some understood his position. The future of creative direction wasn’t clarified, but the rest of the creative team remains.

Talent weren’t allowed to ask questions, leading to frustration and anger among some wrestlers.

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