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Ronda Rousey Reveals What Triple H Told Her When She Asked To Face Becky Lynch At WrestleMania

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During a LiveSigning session, Ronda Rousey was asked what was her dream match in WWE that she never got to have.

Here’s what the former RAW & SmackDown Women’s Champion said:

“Well, I really wanted to have that singles with Becky (Lynch) that constantly got dangled in front of me — I never got to have — which you can read about in our book at OurFightBook.com you can get it at and hear me b*tch about that for a couple hundred pages.”

Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch was originally announced for Survivor Series 2018, but didn’t happen due to Becky suffering a broken nose at the hands of Nia Jax.

This singles match was then expected to take place in the main event of WrestleMania 35 in 2019, but it ended up becoming a Triple Threat Match with the addition of Charlotte Flair. Becky pinned Ronda in that match to win both the RAW & SmackDown Women’s Titles.

In her book, Ronda wrote the following about her conversation with Triple H regarding facing Lynch at WrestleMania:

“‘The thing with Becky at WrestleMania,’ [Triple H] said, ‘is we can’t get there in time. We don’t have time to build to it.’ For the second time in as many days, I was not so much at a loss for words but a loss for words that wouldn’t get me arrested. I took a deep breath instead. ‘We’ve had a whole year to build it,’ I said, coldly. ‘I’m sorry,’ Triple H said.

I wanted to believe him, then he kept talking. ‘Anyway, Piper’s Hollywood backlot brawl is a classic, but it was booed out of the building. Long cinematic backstages just don’t work for a live audience,’ he added, like he wasn’t in charge of the whole goddamn thing. ‘Then why not say so instead of nodding emphatically when I came to pitch you guys years ago?’ I asked.

And what I pitched wasn’t a long backstage match like theirs but segments spread throughout the show — and anyway, it doesn’t matter, it didn’t have to be exactly that. I just wanted to be part of developing something with you guys. Remember when I first got here? I had that perfect match with you, Steph, and Kurt.

That’s how I thought it was going to be here, being part of this organization. Instead, I feel like I was given a false representation of what it would be like to work here. It was all an act to get me in the door and to fall in love with this industry.

Ever since then, I feel like my love for wrestling has been weaponized against me. But I can’t be associated with mediocre sh*t.”

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