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Ryback & Disco Inferno ‘Team Up’ On Twitter To Bash Their Haters

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• Ryback & Disco Inferno ‘Team Up’ On Twitter To Bash Their Haters

WWE PG-Era Veteran Ryback and WCW Veteran Disco Inferno both took to Twitter and slammed the haters amongst the professional wrestling fans out there.

Both Ryback & Glenn Gilbertti (Disco’s real name) are usually received in a very controversial way online, because they are very vocal about their own respective opinions, which often differ from those of the majority of internet wrestling fans.

Here’s what the former WWE main eventer tweeted:

“I cannot even imagine sending hate to pro wrestlers as fans. Growing up watching I loved everyone & always understood it was physical acting. Sure I had my favorites, but I just admired everyone I saw. Unfortunately wrestling attracts some with severe mental limitations.”

Disco then replied:

“They are not ‘fans’. They are despicable people who hate themselves so much because they are physically repulsive looking that they are not capable of liking ANYTHING.”

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