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Sad News For WWE Regarding Backlash France

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WWE has been expanding its reach beyond its traditional American base, staging premium live events in new markets worldwide. From Wales to Puerto Rico, England to Australia, and notably Saudi Arabia, WWE has been taking its brand of entertainment to diverse audiences globally.

However, their recent venture into France faced unexpected challenges, revealing the complexities of international event planning.

Welsh Success and Puerto Rican Payday

In 2022, the Welsh Government invested nearly $3 million to host “Clash at the Castle,” demonstrating a significant financial commitment to WWE’s spectacle. Similarly, the 2023 Backlash event in Puerto Rico proved lucrative, fetching WWE a handsome $1.5 million in site fees. These successes buoyed WWE’s confidence in their global expansion strategy.

The French Setback

However, the narrative took a different turn with Backlash France, held in Lyon-Decines. Contrary to previous instances where host governments or cities provided financial support, WWE encountered an unusual scenario: no public subsidy.

Félix Gouty’s report for POST Wrestling shed light on WWE’s financial disappointment, revealing that they didn’t receive any financial aid for hosting Backlash France.

Unfavorable Circumstances

Further investigation confirmed that Lyon-Decines wasn’t WWE’s initial choice for the event. The city of lights, Paris, held preference, but logistical challenges emerged due to the impending Olympic Games scheduled later in 2024.

The stringent timelines associated with Olympic preparations meant that no suitable venue could accommodate WWE’s requirements, which include four days for event setup and teardown, as well as hosting SmackDown the previous night.

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