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SmackDown Star On Why He Challenged Batista Years Ago

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When he was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet, WWE SmackDown Superstar Karrion Kross revealed why he challenged Ruthless Aggression Era Legend Batista a few years ago.

Kross – then known as Killer Kross – called out Dave Batista during an independent wrestling show in 2019.

According to Karrion, Batista was staying in the same hotel as him, while filming a Horror movie, so he wanted to catch The Animal’s attention.

Here’s what Kross had to say:

“So it’s crazy how it can either happen immediately, or it can happen over time how people will attach like a crazy context to something that might not totally be accurate. So like when I called Dave out, my intention was, first of all, he was in the hotel, we were wrestling, and it was a GCW event.

And just even being at the, you know, the smaller level that I was at the time. I love that. Like, I still love this. It’s hard for me to imagine not being in love with this anymore to the point where I would be comfortable and okay to retire. So I was thinking in that context at the time, like, there’s no way he doesn’t love this anymore.

But it was never in a way where it was like, you know, screw Dave Bautista. No. Like you heard the reaction from people, they really right away were like, it would be awesome to have Dave Bautista on Bloodsport. It would be awesome. And like for people to see him move, legit. You know what I mean on the ground and free roll and flow with people that I think it would have been awesome.

Maybe he just needs something creative that he would be really interested in. Because that’s all of us. You can hook us back into wrestling when we’re retired. If there’s something you’re genuinely interested to do creatively, and Dave has like a shoot background. He’s like a legit brown belt in jiu-jitsu.

Yeah, so I go out there, and I do the match with Nick Gage, choke him, get up. And yeah, call Batista out with the intention, hoping that if he really didn’t want to be retired, and he wanted to do something that he’s never done before. That would be in his wheelhouse that people have never seen him do, which would be like the shoot work stuff, I would have been happy.”

Batista wrestled for World Wrestling Entertainment from May 2002 to May 2010 and again from January 2014 to June ’14 and one last time in 2019, when he wrestled his final professional wrestling match against his real-life friend Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

During his time in WWE, Batista won several titles, including the WWE Championship (2x), the World Heavyweight Championship (4x), the World Tag Team Championship (3x) and the WWE Tag Team Championship (1x). He’s also a 2 time Royal Rumble winner (2005 & 2014) and will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame within the next few years (after the first attempt failed due to his busy Hollywood schedule).

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