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Stephanie McMahon Reveals If She Likes An*l, How Triple H Performs In Bed

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In this flashback article, we take a look at Stephanie McMahon’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show back in the day.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from the part where Stephanie’s relationship with Triple H, her breast implants, Triple H in bed & more were discussed:

Howard: So you start working with him (Triple H) and then what? How did he put the moves on the boss’ daughter? He came to say: “Listen, I’m having feelings for you”? He said, “I’m attracted to you”?

Stephanie: No. He would drop hints and I sort of wondered like is he hitting on me and then I thought no he can’t be.

Howard: What would he say? We’d like to know how Triple H makes the move.

Stephanie: I don’t know. Well, our storyline was that we were married and we took over the business and drove my dad out. And so like I would be sitting on his lap and things like that and he’d just say things.

Howard: Would he pop a rod when you had sat?

Stephanie: (Laughing) I didn’t feel anything if he did. One time when I was standing around the ring, he sort of crawled around me, he was on the floor and he felt my leg. And I was like that’s definitely flirtation. That’s not (part of the script).

Howard: And you found yourself getting attracted to him?

Stephanie: Yes.

Howard: You didn’t mind that he touched your leg?

Stephanie: No. I liked it a lot.

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Howard: Did you say stop touching my leg or did you say I like you touching my leg.

Stephanie: I just blushed.

Howard: So many women sometimes when they like a guy will begin to touch a man. They’re like… touch his chest when she talks to him.

Stephanie: It was a very touchy situation. If he was coming on to me and I know that it’s forbidden in our business for me to date any of the wrestlers character.

Howard: So how does it become a romance? It’s very complicated. He’s dating another wrestler. He’s dating Chyna, who’s a big star at that point.

Stephanie: Supposedly, they weren’t dating at that point. They had a house together and they’re trying to get out of the house or whatever. We saw each other for a couple months and then when it came apparent to me that obviously she is living in your house and something’s going on, we stopped talking for a long time.

Robin: Does she have to ask her father permission because it’s against the rules?

Howard: Did you go to Vince and say listen I need the rules broken here?

Stephanie: Well, he could see what’s going on. He gave us the okay and then he took it away. Because it was like if we really were gonna be together, it would have to be a big deal. It would have to be the right thing to do. And so he let us come together and then he made us be apart. And we came back together again. And if it was meant to be, you know, it was meant to be.

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