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Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash & More Show Support For Ric Flair After Recent Controversy

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Ric Flair said the following during last week’s AEW Rampage tapings:

“Let’s party like it’s the old days. I can’t tell you the hotel, but ages 18 to 28 leave the Boyfriends and Husbands behind. Come party with me and the Stinger.”

Flair received backlash on social media for his comments, as fans think it’s inappropriate for Flair (who will turn 75 in February) to hit on 18-year-old girls.

The Nature Boy issued the following statement regarding this situation:

“I Am So Tired Of Hearing All This Negativity! I Don’t Need To Work, And I Don’t Need The Money. Can’t I Simply Enjoy Being By My Dear Friend Sting’s Side For The Next Few Months Without So Much Hatred?

I Know I’m Old, But That Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Enjoy Life! I Have Earned The Right To Do Whatever I Want & I’m Exactly Where I Want To Be; I Appreciate Everything Tony Khan, But I’m More Than Willing To Walk Away If I Am Embarrassing You And Your Company. All I Can Say Is I’m Sorry!”

The following wrestlers showed support for Flair after this:

Steve Austin: Ric, I enjoy watching you do all the things you do. And you’re always having fun. Keep doing you. And that’s the bottom line.

Chris Jericho: Don’t listen to online a**holes, champ. You’re f**kin Ric Flair. Do what you want. F**k em…

Kevin Nash: Besides the fact you have earned the right. You wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t drawing fans. You always bring a smile to my face. Go Michigan!

JD McDonagh: People don’t realize, Diamonds are forever, baby!! Keep doing your thing Ric, until the wheels fall off!! Love and Respect.

Titus O’Neil: Continue to Enjoy your life sir!!! We only have one Life to live and we should not allow others to dictate how great our life is, because who we are can dictate how great the lives of others can be!! #Respect

Miro: Stop reading the dirt sheets. They are poison and they do not represent the fans.

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