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Survivor Series 2018 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 2

This is part 2 of our Survivor Series 2018 live coverage (part 1 is here).

The first match of the night is the women’s traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

During the entrances, Nia Jax gets booed out of the building (as Becky Lynch isn’t competing tonight because of her).

The match begins and we get two quick eliminations as Tamina eliminates Naomi and Carmella eliminates Tamina.

Eliminated: Naomi

Eliminated: Tamina

After eliminating Tamina, Carmella dances on her dance break, but she’s interrupted by Nia Jax, who lays her down.

Asuka is now dominating Mickie James and she now tags in Sonya Deville.

Mandy Rose now eliminates Mickie James!

Eliminated: Mickie James

Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly on Carmella and eliminates her.

Eliminated: Carmella

Sasha Banks eliminates Mandy Rose after making her tap out to the Bank Statement.

Eliminated: Mandy Rose

Nia broke up a pinfall attempt in the ring and got booed big time again, but the crowd cheered heavily when Asuka took her out.

Sonya Deville & Bayley get counted out and have both been eliminated.

Eliminated: Sonya Deville

Eliminated: Sasha Banks

It’s 2 on 1 now as RAW has Sasha & Nia while SmackDown only has Asuka.

Asuka & Sasha go at it and Asuka nails a vicious German Suplex. Asuka lays Nia out with a Hip Attack.

Sasha is on the top rope and Nia, her own RAW partner, pushes her off the top rope and this leads to Asuka making Sasha tap out!

Eliminated: Sasha Banks

Nia enters the ring and nails multiple Leg Drops on Asuka and hits the Samoan Drop to pin Asuka and win the match for her team!

Eliminated: Asuka

Team RAW def. Team SmackDown (Sole Survivor: Nia Jax)

RAW & SmackDown are now tied at 1-1.

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