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The Real List Of The 50 Greatest WWF/E Tag Teams Ever

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WWE recently started to release their ‘Top 50 Tag Teams of all time’ WWE Network specials, but as everyone who watched them noticed, the list is heavily gimmicked in order to make some of the current Tag Teams look way better than they really are, in order to give them some sort of legitimacy by putting them on the list with a lot of legendary Tag Teams.

Like them or not – which is up to everyone’s personal opinion – but if we’re talking legitimate historical relevance, modern day era Tag Teams like like The Street Profits or DIY obviously wouldn’t even be in the Top-200, let alone Top-50 as WWE falsely put them.

Keep in mind that this is a list of the greatest WWF/WWE Tag Teams of all time, so WCW Teams like Harlem Heat won’t be included and teams like The Road Warriors (which otherwise would clearly be the #1 on every list) or The Steiner Brothers aren’t ranked as high, as they would if the list would consider their NWA/WCW runs.

In order to keep things real, we only included “REAL” Tag Teams and did not include ‘Wrestler A & Wrestler B’ sort of teams.

Also factions/stables were not included, which included several ones, some of which even had 2 of their members win Tag Team gold, which also included (for example) Right To Censor, Evolution, The Corporation, The New Day, The Shield, The Un-Americans, … & more.

Pre-WWF Teams (before the WWWF/WWF name change in 1979) aren’t included either.

So here we go! Get ready for the most legitimate Top-50 WWF/E Tag Team list out there!

Honorable Mentions (short-lived or only tagging every now and then) in no specific order:

– The Brothers of Destruction

– The Mega Powers

– The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

– The Ultimate Maniacs

– The Colossal Connection

– The Mega Maniacs

– D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)

– Can-Am Connection

– Allied Powers

– High Energy

– The Two-Man Power Trip

– Soul Patrol (Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson)

– The Mega Bucks

– The Perfect Team (SVS 1992)

– Rated-RKO

– The Unholy Alliance

– Two Dudes with Attitudes

– The Holly Cousins

– The New Midnight Express

– Hurri-Kane

– Jeri-Show

– The New Foundation

– Team Hell No

– The New Dream Team

Top 50 List:

50. Lo Down

49. The New Blackjacks

48. The Moondogs

47. Heavenly Bodies

46. The Young Stallions

45. 3-Minute Warning

44. The Orient Express

43. The Basham Brothers

42. The Bolsheviks

41. MNM

40. The Beverly Brothers

39. La Résistance

38. Too Cool

37. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

36. The Islanders

35. The Fabulous Rougeaus

34. The Killer Bees

33. The Bodydonnas

32. The U.S. Express

31. Los Guerreros

30. Power & Glory

29. Men on a Mission

28. The Headbangers

27. The Twin Towers

26. The Godwinns

25. The Dream Team

24. The Usos

23. The Foreign Legion (Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik)

22. The Powers of Pain

21. Strike Force

20. The Bushwhackers

19. The Quebecers

18. The Brain Busters

17. The Headshrinkers

16. The Nasty Boys

15. The Steiner Brothers (not counting their NWA/WCW runs)

14. The Natural Disasters

13. The Smoking Gunns

12. Money Inc.

11. The Rockers

10. The A.P.A. / The Acolytes

9. The Wild Samoans

8. The Hardy Boyz

7. Edge & Christian (only ‘Wrestler A & Wrestler B’ Team on the list, couldn’t exclude them)

6. The New Age Outlaws

5. The Legion of Doom (not counting their NWA/AWA/WCW runs)

4. The Dudley Boyz

3. The British Bulldogs

2. Demolition

1. The Hart Foundation

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