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Why Didn’t Bret Hart Return To AEW?

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• Why Didn’t Bret Hart Return To AEW?

At the inaugural ‘AEW Double or Nothing’ pay-per-view on May 25th 2019, 2-time WWE Hall Of Famer Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart unveiled the AEW World Championship belt.

However, as opposed to several WWF/WCW/ECW Legends who appear for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling on a regular basis, The Hitman never returned to the promotion.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported about it:

“It was a last-minute thing. They asked him to present the Title and he said ‘sure’. He knew he would get heat with Vince, but you know Bret. He didn’t have a contract saying he couldn’t do it, and he didn’t worry that much about getting heat from Vince.

So, he worries to a degree, because Nattie is still there and you don’t want them to take out reprisals against her.”

You can watch Bret’s entrance at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 below:

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (June 18, 1995) – WCW The Great American Bash 1995

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on June 18, 1995, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired ‘WCW The Great American Bash 1995’ LIVE on PPV from the Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

This was the 9th edition of WCW’s annual The Great American Bash events, although the 1986 & 1987 Great American Bash events were actually tours of several shows with the best matches making it to the VHS, that made them being presented like one big event in both years, even though they weren’t.

There was no Great American Bash in 1993 & 1994, but after WCW was sold to the World Wrestling Federation in 2001, Vince McMahon brought the pay-per-view back in 2004 under the WWE banner.

Below are the results from that night:

Alex Wright defeated Brian Pillman

Arm Wrestling: Dave Sullivan defeated Diamond Dallas Page

Jim Duggan defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman by DQ

Harlem Heat defeated Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck

WCW World Television Championship: The Renegade defeated Arn Anderson (c)

WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Nasty Boys (c) defeated The Blue Bloods

Vacant WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Sting defeated Meng

Ric Flair defeated Randy Savage

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