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Former TNA Commentator Diagnosed With Brain Lymphoma

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• Former TNA Commentator Diagnosed With Brain Lymphoma

Former TNA Color-Commentator Don West has announced that he has been diagnosed with Brain Lymphoma and is immediately entering treatment for it.

Here’s what he wrote on the KPQ 560 website:

“Hello everybody,

Don West here to tell you about how disappointed I am not to be talking about the Seattle Seahawks, the Mariners, the Wenatchee Wild and everything else that we love to talk about every day on the Don West Show.

Many of you have wondered where I have been and why the show is on hiatus. So I want to share this news directly with you. I have been diagnosed with a brain lymphoma and will begin immediate treatment.

I want to thank my wife Terri for her love and support, my family and everyone that works at Cherry Creek Media and KPQ. I also want to thank the Don West Show’s incredible sponsors and my friends for all the prayers that are coming my way. I am praying the chemotherapy will help me heal faster and hopefully I’ll be back on the radio soon.

I can’t wait until this is all over and I can be back with you all again, I love you all!

Don West”

Don West did commentary for Total Nonstop Action, alongside play-by-play commentator ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay from 2002 until 2009.

Everyone from Team WWF Old School wishes Don a speedy recovery.

Get well soon!

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