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The Rock Reveals The Profit For Black Adam

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• The Rock Reveals The Profit For Black Adam

As expected, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new movie Black Adam is a success.

The People’s Champion tweeted the following about it:

“Waited to confirm with financiers before I shared this excellent #BlackAdam news – our film will PROFIT between $52M-$72M.


At almost $400M worldwide, we are building our new franchise step by step (first Captain America did $370M) for the DC future.”

Deadline noted that this profit number doesn’t include the revenue generated from Black Adam merchandise.

The Rock shared this news because there were rumors going on that Black Adam wasn’t going to make any profit.

Joe Singer (producer and financier) had the following to say about these rumors:

“I have read the claims that Black Adam will lose money. That is false. The picture may be considered disappointing since it had Dwayne Johnson in a DC film. However, the picture will pass break-even and throw off a bit of profit.”

The budget for Black Adam was $195–200 million.

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