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The Undertaker Accused Of “K–ling” Bron Breakker, Teddy Long Defends Him

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At the end of the October 11th episode of ‘WWE NXT’ on the USA Network, The Undertaker confronted Bron Breakker and ended up chokeslamming him.

The was The Phenom’s first televised WWE appearance in several months and the first time he was ever involved in a segment on WWE’s developmental brand.

You can watch it below:

Old school wrestling journalist Bill Apter discussed The Undertaker’s return with former WCW/WWF/WWE manager Teddy Long on the ‘Wrestling Time Machine’ podcast, and Bill stated that he didn’t agree with The Deadman chokeslamming Breakker.

Here’s what Apter had to say:

“I loved it until The Undertaker kind of killed him (Bron Breakker) at the end there. That I did not agree with. But just to have interaction with The Undertaker was kind of a rub. People are wondering if anything is gonna come out of this.”

Teddy Long – who has quite a history with The Undertaker – heavily disagreed with Bill Apter:

“At the end, you gotta understand this business. At the end, what Undertaker did to him wasn’t to kill him (Bron Breakker). What Undertaker did to him was to establish him and let everybody know ‘This is the guy’. That’s why that Chokeslam came in. That was his initiation. Not to kill him.

So that was absolutely great. That didn’t do nothing but make him stronger. I’m telling you, that’s his initiation. That’s the way Undertaker is saying ‘You’re the guy’. Not to kill him. That was initiation. That was the best thing that could ever happen to him.”

Needless to say that Teddy has a far better point there, as just being in the ring with The Undertaker in such a segment, is sort of legitimizing any new WWE talent nowadays, no matter what.

Most of the young up and coming stars unfortunately won’t be able to claim that they shared the ring with The Deadman, be it in an actual match or – like here – just an in-ring segment.

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