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The Undertaker On What WWE Needs To Change About The Hall Of Fame Ceremony

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This year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony delivered memorable moments, notably with a powerful speech from Paul Heyman. However, amidst the celebration, concerns arose regarding the scheduling situation on the same night as SmackDown, prompting discussions about the need for a better solution.

During a recent episode of his ‘Six Feet Under’ podcast, WWF Legend The Undertaker highlighted the challenges of the current setup, emphasizing the long hours involved in attending rehearsals and then returning for SmackDown and the induction ceremony.

Traditionally, the WWE Hall of Fame stood as a standalone event on Saturday nights, streamed on the WWE Network.

However, with WrestleMania now spanning two nights and NXT scheduled in the afternoon preceding the first night of WrestleMania, the decision was made to integrate the ceremony with SmackDown.

Here’s what The Undertaker had to say:

“So, Friday I had to get up early and go to Wells Fargo for Hall of Fame rehearsals. I went over there, did rehearsals, and then came back for a couple of hours and turned right back around and went back to the Hall of Fame. I was there forever. They gotta figure that out because that’s a really, really long night between SmackDown and then the Hall of Fame.

It’s a long night and again we’re in Philly. Once the fans are done, they’re done. They started out the Hall of Fame with Paul. Usually, the headliner goes on last, right? It was smart, obviously they had stuff they had to do.

So Paul Heyman starts the Hall of Fame and that’s what most of the people were there to see was Paul. The speech and everything else was so good and engaging. That’s another problem. You give a great acceptance speech and all that. They’re popping and carrying on and they get tired too, right?”

One proposed solution is to move the Hall of Fame ceremony to Thursday, allowing fans to fully engage without the exhaustion of a packed schedule. However, it remains uncertain if WWE is open to such a change.

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