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“They don’t understand” – Jeff Jarrett On Wrestlers Who Complain About Their Booking On Social Media

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• “They don’t understand” – Jeff Jarrett On Wrestlers Who Complain About Their Booking On Social Media

On a recent interview with The Zaslow Show, Old School WWF/WCW Legend Jeff Jarrett spoke about professional wrestlers who break kayfabe by complaining on social media about the way they are booked.

Here’s what Double J had to say:

“Here’s what I’ve learned through the years, it’s an old philosophical quote ‘Each and every day, the older I get, the more I understand that I absolutely know nothing’.

It’s the different platforms. I have 5 kids, all different ranges, my younger ones don’t know a life without social media. It’s the evolution.

Years ago, talent that didn’t have social media and liked to complain, where did they complain? They complained at the nightclubs, at the gym, in the dressing room.

It’s all the same. Now, the double-edged sword is, these guys complain, they don’t understand, they’re creating a narrative of who their character is.

Guys in the years gone by that complained, when they stepped through the curtain, that’s what the public consumes this as.

Now, when you peel the onion back and this guy is complaining or b*tching, that kind of defines their character.

You are literally giving the audience the opportunity to vote yes or no on ‘Am I going to spend my money and my time and get emotionally engaged in this character?’.

That’s the reality. Some folks, as we speak, they learned their lessons the hard way, unfortunately.”

Jeff Jarrett was famous for his 2 stints with the World Wrestling Federation (1993-1996 & 1997-1999) and his 2 stints with Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1996-1997 & 1999-2001), as well as his time in Total Nonstop Action! (2002-2015).

In 2018, Double J was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his former wingman The Roadie (aka The Road Dogg Jesse James).

He’s currently working for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling as their AEW’s Director of Business Development, as well as a pro-wrestler.

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