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5. Former WWE Superstar Reveals How The Undertaker’s Injury Changed His Big WrestleMania Plans

During a recent appearance on the WrestlingInc podcast, former WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy talked about winning the Money In The Bank contract in 2007 at WrestleMania 23 and what were the plans for his cash-in. Below is what he said:

“Yeah, so we went to Detroit and we get there five or six days for WrestleMania week. And I think five days out, maybe four days out they have a room, a big room, with a couple rings and ladders and tables and all sorts of other stuff in there. Anything you could possibly think of that you need for a wrestling match. And crash pads and you go in there and you start working on your match. This is the only time of the year that happens, by the way. Normally matches are done on the day, or sometimes they’re done in the ring as they’re going on but WrestleMania they want to make sure everything is sweet so you go in there five days in advance and you start planning stuff out and you starting thinking about some really great false finishes. I think we had been there about two or three days and I think Edge was going to win. They were still talking about Edge winning and then three days out to the pay-per-view they switched it and went my way. And I knew it was possible that right before our music hit they could have said, ‘No we’re going to go with CM Punk. I did know three days in advance but a fact in wrestling is that things can change on the fly and they often do.

We decided that I was going to cash it in next year at WrestleMania. I announced that I think the next night on RAW. Or maybe it was SmackDown that, ‘Hey I’m already setting a date, I’m going to cash in at WrestleMania next year.’

The Undertaker got injured and he had the World Title at the time. They were trying to figure out a way to get it off him. You know, they called me in the office and said, ‘Hey I know we were going to have you cash it in at WrestleMania next year but we need to get the Title off of Taker so we’re going to have you come out next week at SmackDown and you’re going challenge him after he has the cage match with Mark Henry and blah, blah, blah, you’re going to win the Title.’

Three or four days later I was in a wrestling match with Batista and a bunch of other guys, like an eight-man tag, and Batista — it wasn’t Batista’s fault or anything — he gave me a clothesline and I felt something pop in my tricep. And I ended up, my arm swelled up so bad I couldn’t even bend my elbow.

I ended up going to see a doctor, take an MRI in Erie, Pennsylvania, the next day Stephanie called me and said, ‘Ken you tore your triceps off the bone, you’re going to have to have surgery and you’re going to be out for seven to eight months. But unfortunately we still have to get that title off of Taker so we’re going to fly to Penn State, Edge is going to challenge you for the briefcase and he’s going to go on to do what you were going to do.'”

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