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Top 10 Failed WWE Things of 2017 – Part 10

#1 Braun Strowman Loses Clean To Roman Reigns

Ever since Braun Strowman was drafted to Raw after the Brand Split in 2016, he defeated & destroyed everyone in his way until he met “The Guy” Roman Reigns.

Leading up to their match at FastLane 2017, Strowman destroyed Reigns in their brawl on Raw for multiple weeks. But at FastLane 2017, Reigns defeated Strowman clean.

The reason behind this move was that WWE officials wanted Reigns to have a lot of momentum on his side when he goes one on one against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.

WWE officials felt that Reigns needed some momentum on his side after he lost the United States Title on Raw, lost in the WWE Universal Title match at Royal Rumble 2017, failed to win the Royal Rumble match and then lost to Samoa Joe on Raw.

Well, whatever the reason was for booking Reigns to beat Strowman clean, it was a mistake. Let’s hope WWE officials learn from their mistake and keep Strowman unbeatable for the foreseeable future.

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