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Top Free Agent Is In “Deep Talks” With AEW Instead Of WWE

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In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, talent acquisitions and roster movements often grab headlines. The latest buzz surrounds Kamille, whose future was initially speculated to be with WWE but now seems to be leaning towards AEW.

Having established herself as a regular presence in the NWA since October 2018, Kamille was anticipated to transition to WWE, likely joining the developmental brand NXT. However, recent developments suggest otherwise, hinting at a potential shift towards AEW as the promotion seeks to bolster its women’s division.

The intrigue deepened when Kamille was spotted backstage at the January 18th AEW Dynamite event, sparking speculation about her imminent move to All Elite Wrestling rather than WWE.

Reports from sources like PWInsider corroborate this narrative, indicating that the former NWA Women’s Champion is no longer on the radar for WWE. Sources within WWE previously hinted at extending an offer to Kamille for an NXT contract, but discussions appear to have stalled.

Instead, Kamille is reportedly engaged in “deep discussions” with AEW, where her potential signing is viewed as a more promising prospect. AEW’s burgeoning women’s division, coupled with its dynamic programming, presents an enticing opportunity for Kamille to showcase her talents on a grand stage.

Beyond wrestling, a move to AEW aligns with Kamille’s aspirations beyond the ring, particularly in the realm of acting. Transitioning to AEW could afford her the flexibility to pursue her ambitions while continuing to excel in the world of professional wrestling.

As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, talent movements like Kamille’s underscore the competitive nature of the industry and the strategic decisions made by performers in shaping their careers. While WWE may have missed out on securing Kamille’s services, AEW emerges as a compelling destination where she can thrive both inside and outside the ring.

In the unfolding saga of Kamille’s career trajectory, all eyes are now on AEW as fans eagerly anticipate her potential debut and the impact she could make within the promotion’s rapidly expanding women’s division.

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