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4. WWE Star’s NFL Lawsuit Resulted In His Main Event Push Coming To An End?

As we noted before, there were plans for “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin to successfully cash-in his Money In The Bank contract at SummerSlam 2017 and win the WWE Championship. However, his main event push came to a sudden end.

While we have noted how his backstage heat might have played a factor in his main event push coming to an end, there’s apparently another reason to it. Corbin recently entered into a heated argument with Dr. Joseph Maroon during a WWE wrestlers’ meeting about Concussions & CTE. Maroon was downplaying the link between CTE & Concussions and Corbin confronted him about this in front of everyone.

Many believe that Corbin should’ve had a private talk about this matter with Maroon and shouldn’t have confronted him in front of everyone. Also during this discussion, it was revealed that Corbin is among the football players that are suing the NFL in a concussion lawsuit and this fact wasn’t known to the WWE officials about a month ago.

It is being believed that this might have played a factor in Corbin’s main event push coming to an end, for now. Corbin is now involved in a United States Title feud with AJ Styles.

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