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Top WWE Star Says The Rock & Ultimate Warrior Weren’t Wrestlers

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day:

• During a recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Intercontinental Champion Gunther said WWF Legend The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t a pro-wrestler.

Here’s what The Ring General said:

“Those are the real dark ages. He’s a showman. He’s not an athlete, not a professional wrestler, he’s a showman. Now, everybody knows why I have to be the one to keep this title for the longest time in history to wash its reputation clean and set it to a new standard.”

Later, during an interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Gunther put The Rock in the same category. Below is what he said:

“[The Rock] is the new Hulk Hogan, I think, in terms of if you ask random people on the street in some random country, they will say The Rock and connect it with wrestling. And [he’s the] most famous, but I categorize him as a showman as well.”

• During an interview with SK Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker had the following to say about Sting retiring at AEW Revolution 2024:

“Sting, congratulations on a spectacular career. Just one true icon of our industry. He’s done everything. The longevity of that character, just well done. I hope retirement is everything that you wanted to be and you deserve everything that you have and all the accolades. He deserves it all.”

When asked who would’ve won their Dream Match, The Deadman replied:

“I would have killed him. Oh, man, come on! Easy. He’d get Tombstoned, brother. He’s going out. I’d have planted him.”

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