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19. John Morrison Talks About The Real Reason Behind Him Leaving WWE

During a recent appearance on the Art of Wrestling podcast, former WWE Superstar John Morrison talked about leaving WWE on his own terms, Hollywood & more. Below are the highlights:

If he was released from WWE:

“I wouldn’t say I quit or was released. At the end of 2011, I just didn’t resign. I let my contract run out. They offered me a couple of things. They didn’t offer me what I wanted. I wanted to make a movie and I didn’t want to work 250 days a year.”

Reason behind him leaving WWE:

“I was tired of just kind of being on that express train, whatever you want to call it, so to speak. It just sort of shoots forward and you have no creative autonomy, no control over your time, and there’s not much time for side projects or family and friends.”

On thinking his WWE run would open doors for him in Hollywood:

“I was thinking with the TV exposure I had with WWE, and it’s kind of hard to explain to people sometimes how many countless hours you are on television when you’ve been on the road with WWE. I was thinking that was going to open doors, get me auditions, and get me into a lot of high profile roles. The thing that I didn’t take into consideration is that acting, like wrestling, is a skill.

And, as many people are fans of wrestling that are going to be excited to meet you, talk about what The Undertaker and John Cena were like, there are a lot of people out there who are movie producers and casting directors who are not impressed with wrestling on your resume.”

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