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Truth Behind Sycho Sid Ripping Sasha Banks On Twitter

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A Twitter account in the name of “Sycho Sid Vicious” with almost 65,000 followers recently began tweeting some controversial wrestling opinions.

You can read some of them below:

“Sasha Banks is the most overrated wrestler of all time.”

“Sasha Banks should’ve been fired before she could quit.”

“Sasha Banks couldn’t cut a promo. Sloppy in ring work. Undersized and fragile.”

“Sasha Banks is not on Backlash tonight. Thank goodness.”

“My goodness, RAW now has that horrific female ring announcer on it.”

“Somebody give Becky Lynch something to eat for goodness sake.”

“Sasha Banks should never work in a wrestling ring again.”

During an episode of the Wrestling Time Machine podcast, veteran journalist Bill Apter revealed that he talked to Sid and Sid himself confirmed to him that this account isn’t run by him.

Below is what Apter said:

“I called Sid. He’s not nuts about doing any interviews. I said, ‘Well, you know you’re knocking Sasha Banks online.’

He said, ‘Woah. I once said something about Kevin Nash that somebody put online that got me into a lot of (trouble). I don’t do tweets. I don’t do this other stuff. Whoever said anything about me knowing Sasha Banks or whatever, that is not me. That is not my Twitter.’

I said to him, ‘Maybe we can hook up and do an interview.’ He said, ‘Maybe you can give me a call next week. I can’t promise you anything.’ I said, ‘Well, what are you doing these days?’

He said, ‘Bill, I got a family life right now. I’m taking care of my family. I got my grandkids and all this kind of stuff. I just don’t want to do any of this social media stuff. It really bothers me when people come out and say things about me. I don’t need it. I just want to block it out of my mind.’

So it’s not his Twitter.”

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