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Update On If Triple H Knew About The Rock’s Status When He Booked Cody Rhodes To Win The Royal Rumble

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The wrestling world was abuzz with speculation and surprise as Cody Rhodes emerged victorious in this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble match.

However, what seemed like a straightforward path to WrestleMania 40 took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that The Rock would be stepping into the ring against Roman Reigns instead, sparking controversy and questions about the decision-making process behind the scenes.

Rhodes’ triumph in the Royal Rumble match initially led many within the WWE universe to believe that he would be the one to challenge Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania XL. However, it soon became apparent that The Rock had secured the coveted spot to face Reigns, a move that received mixed reactions and even backlash from fans on social media.

The Rock’s involvement in the WrestleMania match was shrouded in secrecy, with only a select few privy to the details of his agreement. As reports emerged that The Rock had agreed to the match as part of his deal to join the TKO Board of Directors, fans and pundits alike questioned the decision and wondered if even key figures within the WWE hierarchy were unaware of the arrangement.

Addressing the speculation, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer provided insight into the situation, debunking the notion that Triple H was caught off guard by The Rock’s involvement. Meltzer’s statement, as shared below, clarified that Triple H was well aware of The Rock’s signing and subsequent match against Reigns when he booked Cody to win the Royal Rumble:

“My buddy Jay told me that since his tweets are private I probably should note that the idea that Paul Levesque didn’t know about Rock’s signing with the company and him wrestling Reigns when he booked the Rumble is clearly not the case. He knew exactly what he was doing.”

This revelation shed light on the behind-the-scenes coordination that goes into crafting the WrestleMania card, demonstrating that key decision-makers like Triple H were fully informed of The Rock’s role in the event.

Despite the initial surprise and controversy surrounding The Rock’s inclusion, it appears that the stage is set for a blockbuster showdown between two wrestling superstars at WrestleMania.

As the road to WrestleMania unfolds, fans can expect more twists and turns as the WWE landscape continues to evolve. With Cody Rhodes’ Royal Rumble win adding an unexpected layer of intrigue to the proceedings, the stage is set for an unforgettable WrestleMania showdown between The Rock and Roman Reigns, which is set to be officially announced at this Thursday’s media event in Las Vegas.

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