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“We became friends through AOL Instant Messenger” – WWF Wrestler On Paul Bearer

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On an episode of the ‘Making the Town’ podcast, ECW Veteran The Blue Meanie talked about his friendship with the late, great Paul Bearer.

Here’s what Meanie had to say:

“I love Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer), not only as an entertainer but as a friend. I got to have moments with Percy that will never be forgotten. He had the signature look, that surprised Percy look. And it popped me, I was like, ‘Who is this?’.

We became friends through AOL Instant Messenger. Would just have life conversations, and it was so cool. We talked for years — about everything — to the point where he was the one who taught me about Google.”

The Blue Meanie eventually made it to the World Wrestling Federation in November 1998, so he and Paul Bearer were working for the same promotion until Meanie left in the spring of 2000.

Here’s what the former bWo member said about their time together in the WWF:

“My first day of TV, I saw Percy and he was sitting with the production people, who were melting candles for Gangrel’s entrance. He looks at the guy melting the candles and goes, ‘Brian and I have been friends for years. He’s the only wrestler who never asked me to get booked.’

That meant the world because I was just friends with Percy for Percy. I miss him everyday.”

Paul Bearer, the iconic WWF manager known for his haunting presence and association with The Undertaker, sadly passed away on March 5th 2013. His eerie charisma and unique contribution to professional wrestling will forever be remembered by fans worldwide. Rest in peace, Paul Bearer.

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