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“We’re within striking distance” – Chris Jericho Compares AEW Dynamite & WWE RAW’s Viewership

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 82nd birthday of Old School Wrestling Legend Billy Robinson.

The British ‘catch wrestling’ specialist had a great career in the United States, Canada, Europe & Japan.

In 1982, he wrestled WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund to a 60-minutes time limit draw.

Billy Robinson has been inducted into several smaller Pro Wrestling Halls of Fame, but has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is most likely going to happen as part of their annual ‘Legacy Wing’ inductions.


September 18, 1938 – March 3, 2014

• “We’re within striking distance” – Chris Jericho Compares AEW Dynamite & WWE RAW’s Viewership

While speaking on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, AEW wrestler Chris Jericho once again discussed the Wednesday Night Wars and said that it isn’t only Vince McMahon who wants it, but USA Network also wants NXT to compete against AEW Dynamite.

He also said that Dynamite is getting closer to RAW in terms of viewership.

“NXT, just go, you guys gave a good college try. Go do your own thing on a different night, draw as many numbers as you can, get great demos because when you come up against us, you have egg on your face. The demo thing isn’t a joke, it’s real.

They go from 26th to the top ten when they are on Tuesday, just go. Here’s the problem, I don’t think it’s just Vince that wants the competition, the network does as well. When we do 1.2 million, whether it’s ten minutes, two minutes, whatever. RAW’s lowest hour that same week was 1.6 million. We’re within striking distance.

So, what if they decide to put NXT on a different night and the next two to three weeks, what if we get one minute higher than RAW and USA is paying Raw $250 million a year? That’s bad. It’s all a calculated chess game.”

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