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Why WWE Won’t Fire Naomi & Sasha Banks

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• Why WWE Won’t Fire Naomi & Sasha Banks

Some fans have noted on Social Media that they want WWE to fire Sasha Banks & Naomi after walking out of RAW.

However, that won’t happen, because WWE doesn’t want them to possibly sign with AEW.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“If it was another time and another place, it’s very possible that they would have been fired, but it’s this time and this place.

I remember when the Charlotte Flair thing happened with Becky Lynch (last year) and I was talking to people there and it was kind of, like, if it was another time and another place, yeah, they would have fired Charlotte Flair for what she did on live TV screwing up the (Title exchange) angle on purpose.

But it’s, like, do you want to send her to AEW? No. And essentially nothing happened and they don’t want to send either of them to AEW. Then you’ve got the whole Naomi married to Jimmy Uso.

It’s just a waiting game to see what happens next.”

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Legend “The Road Dogg” Jesse James (Real name: Brian James) celebrates his 53rd birthday today.

After wrestling as Brian Armstrong (WCW 1993-1994) and The Roadie (WWF 1995), he eventually ended up becoming one half of the now legendary Tag Team ‘The New Age Outlaws’ with his team partner “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn.

Both also went on to become long time members of one of the most famous factions in professional wrestling history, D-Generation X.

In 2019, Road Dogg was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, alongside his DX buddies Billy Gunn, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac & (posthumously) Chyna.


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