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WrestleMania 37 (Night 2) Live Coverage – Part 3

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 37 WrestleFeed App

This is part 3 of our WrestleMania 37 (Night 2) live coverage (part 2 is here).

Up next is a singles match. Sami Zayn makes his way out. He introduces Logan Paul, who got some boos. Kevin Owens comes out next.

The match begins and Zayn comes running at Owens and Owens hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb!

However, Zayn managed to get out of the ring to avoid losing immediately.

The action now returns to the ring and Owens is absolutely dominating Zayn.

Zayn comes back into the match after hitting a Brainbuster on Owens on the ring apron.

Zayn hits the Michinoku Driver on Owens and goes for the cover, but Owens kicked out.

Zayn hits Owens with an Exploder Suplex in the corner. Zayn nails the Blue Thunder Bomb and goes for the cover, but Owens kicks out.

Zayn hits another Exploder Suplex in the corner and hits a Brainbuster again. He goes for the cover, but Owens kicks out again.

Owens suplexed Zayn from the tope rope. Owens clotheslines Zayn in the corner twice, but Zayn fires back with a Helluva Kick!

Zayn comes running for another Helluva Kick, but Owens hits a Superkick. Owens hits another Superkick, followed by a Stunner to pick up the win.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

Logan Paul entered the ring after the match to check on Sami. Logan tells Owens that was awesome and wants to shake his hand and Zayn gets mad at Logan.

Logan then shoved Zayn down and sees what Zayn will do. Zayn retreats and Logan raises Owens’ hand.

Owens isn’t happy with Logan’s antics and Owens takes down Logan Paul with a Stunner and Logan sold it beautifully!

You can watch it below:

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