WWC World Wrestling Council (1993 – 2004)

August 8, 1993 – 20th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: El Bronco vs. El Exotico. The Bushwhackers vs. Warlord & Mr. Hughes. Madusa
vs. Luna Vachon. WWC Tag Champs Dusty Wolfe & Mohammad Hussein vs. Jose Luis Rivera & Mike Anthony. Johnny Ace vs. Doink. Dan
Kroffat vs. La Ley. Hercules Ayala DDQ Abdullah the Butcher. Greg Valentine vs. Invader #1 to win the vacant WWC Universal Title. Carlos
Colon vs. Terry Funk.
August 6, 1994 – 21st Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: Chris Youngblood vs. Gama Singh. Miss Texas Rodeo vs. La Tigresa. La Ley vs.
Mohammad Hussein in a “loser spends night in jail” match. Tahitian Warrior vs. El Pulgarcito in a “loser leaves town” match. Paco Lopez vs. El
Exotico. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mr. Hughes via DQ. WWC Tag Champs Rey Gonzales & El Bronco DDQ The Moondogs. Invader #1 vs.
Doomsday in a “heart punch” match. WWC Universal Champ Dutch Mantel NC WWC TV Champ Carlos Colon. Eddie Gilbert vs. Hurricane
Castillo, Jr. in a “fire” match.
August 1995 – 23rd Anniversary Show: Carlos Colon vs. El Bronco in a “retirement” match.
August 15, 1997 – 24th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: Vampire Warrior vs. Herbert Gonzales. El Profe NC Rico Suave in a “barroom
brawl” match. Skull Von Crush vs. Ram Man. Luna Vachon vs. La Tigresa. Ricky Santana vs. Mohammad Huseein in a “flag” match. Invader
#1 & #2 NC The Sheepherders in a “barbed wire tornado” match. Golden Boy (Chicky Starr) vs. La Ley in a “mask vs. hair” match. Mark &
Chris Youngblood vs. Islanders Tahiti & Kuhio via forfeit to win the WWC Tag Title. Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher (19:02) in a
“retirement” match. WWC Universal Champ Rey Gonzales vs. Tom Brandi.
August 1, 1998 – 25th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: El Roquero & Ritchie Santiago vs. Espantos I & II. WWC Junior Heavyweight
Champ Jerry Estrada vs. Black Boy. Perfect 10 vs. Bret Sanders. Invader II vs. Invader III in a “mask vs. mask” match. WWO I-C Champ
Pierroth, Jr. DDQ Mil Mascaras. Glamour Boy Shane vs. Villano III to win the WWC Puerto Rico Title. Carlos Colon vs. Rey Gonzales to win
the WWC Universal Title. Ricky Santana vs. El Texano in a “hair vs. hair” match.
August 14, 1999 – 26th Anniversary Show in Caguas, PR: Caguas Baseball Stadium drawing 11,678 Blackboy vs. Maelo Huertas & El
Rockero in a “triangle” match to win the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title. El Nene vs. Jim Steele. Brandi Alexander vs. Malia Hosaka. El
Enjabanao Rabioso vs. Bouncer Bob. Jose Rivera Jr. & Sr. vs. Victor the Bodyguard & Dutch Mantel. Atletico vs. Angelo. Carlos Colon vs.
Rey Gonzales to win the WWC Universal Title. Mustafa Saed vs. Glamour Boy Shane in a “ladder” match to win the WWC TV Title. Invader
#1 vs. Chicky Starr via DQ. Invader #1 vs. Invader del Milenio (0:25). Abdullah the Butcher vs. The Tower of Doom in a “lumberjacks with
whips” match.
July 16, 2000 – 27th Anniversary Show in Caguas, PR: Rico Suave & Atletico vs. Joe Don Smith & Gran Artache. El Bronco vs. Invader III.
Tony Atlas vs. Dutch Mantel. Eddie Colon vs. Jose Rivera, Jr. via DQ. Invader I DDQ Titan. Octagoncito vs. Pierrothtito. Barry & Kendall
Windham vs. Public Enemy. Carlos Colon vs. One Man Gang in a “steel cage” match. Carly Colon vs. Rey Gonzales to win the WWC
Universal Title. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Big Dick Dudley. Thunder & Lightning vs. The Pitbulls.
September 8, 2001 – 28th Anniversary Show “Septiembre Negro” in Bayamon, PR: El Rockero, Mustapha Saed, & Enjabonao vs. Rex King,
Rico Suave, & Tahitian Warrior (12:15) when Saed vs. King. Bad Boy Bradley vs. Chris Grant to win the WWC TV Title. Astro Man DDQ El
Bronco (6:18). Carlos Colon vs. Barrabas, Sr. (5:17) via DQ. Barrabas, Jr. vs. Eddie Colon (7:41). Invader I vs. Fidel Sierra (10:53) to win
the WWC Puerto Rican Title. “AAA Champ” Konnan vs. The Barbarian. Carly Colon & Rey Gonzales vs. Thunder & Lightning (17:20) when
Colon made the pin. El Nene vs. Super Gladiator (12:17) to win the WWC Hardcore Title. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Big Hail (6:53)
May 4, 2002–WWC in Caguas, PR before 1,500 fans: Mr. Casanova vs. Brent Dail, Wilfredo Alejandro vs. Superstar, Justin Sane & La
Tigresa vs. Sexy Marie & Eddie Colon, Ray Gonzalez vs. Vampiro-DQ, Carly Colon vs. Bronco-DQ (keeps Universal title), Hercules Ayala
DCOR Nene, Fidel Sierra vs. Rico Suave to keep Caribbean title, Thunder & Lightning vs. Super Gladiadores to keep WWC tag titles
May 5, 2002–WWC5 in Mayaguez, PR before 400 fans: Mr. Casanova vs. Dail, Alejandro vs. Superstar 1, Marie & Eddie Colon vs. Tigresa
& Sane, Vampiro vs. Gonzalez, Carly Colon vs. Bronco-DQ, Ayala DCOR Nene, Suave vs. Sierra-DQ, Thunder & Lightning vs. Super
Gladiadores to keep tag titles
August 31, 2002–WWC in Fajardo: Wilfredo Alejandro & Brent Dail vs. Mr. Casanova & Tommy Diablo, Rico Suave vs. Mighty Python,
Reggaetones vs. Superstar & Mr. Hughes, Carly & Eddie Colon vs. Damien Steele & Ricky Santana, Thunder & Lightning vs. Super
Gladiadors, Alejandro won Battle Royal
September 14, 2002 – 29th Anniversary Show in Bayamon, PR: Brent Dail vs. Mr. Casanova in a “loser wears a dress” match. Sexy Marie vs.
Ruben Pacino. Super Gladiator II vs. Bronco. Tommy Diablo vs. Frankie Capone, Kid Romeo, and Damien Steele in a “four corners” match.
Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana vs. Rico Suave & Wilfredo Alejandro. WWC Universal Champ Carly Colon vs. Konnan (8:35) via DQ. WWC
Junior Heavyweight Champ Eddie Colon vs. XWF Junior Heavyweight Champ Kid Kash (13:02) via DQ. XWF Champ British Storm vs.
Super Gladiator I (9:36). WWC Tag Champs Thunder & Lightning DCO Carlos Colon & Abdullah the Butcher (7:18). XWF Tag Champs
The Nasty Boys vs. The Reggaetones when Sags vs. ???.
November 10, 2002–WWC at the Juan Sanchez Acevedo Coliseum: Brent Dail vs. Jessie The Latin Freebird, Black Boy vs. Tommy Diablo,
Thunder & Lightning vs. Islander 1 & Damian Steele, Extranjero Misterioso vs. Tahitian Warrior by DQ when Wilfredo Alejandro interfered,
Carly Colón vs. Konnan by DQ when Chicky Starr pulled special referee Victor Jovica out of the ring when he was doing a pinfall count after
Carly stunned Konnan, Wilfredo Alejandro vs. Super Gladiador after using a brass knuckles, El Nene vs. Chicky Starr
March 6, 2003–WWC in Barceloneta before 700 fans: Alex Montalvo d Tommy Diablo, Brent Dail vs. Pablo Marquez, Rico Suave vs.
Wilfredo Alejandro, Ricky Santana DCOR Nene, Carly Colon vs. Bronco-DQ, Thunder & Lightning vs. Tahitians..
March 22, 2003–WWC in Morovis: Rico Suave vs. New York Hit Squad #1, Nene DDQ Bronco III, La Capitana vs. La Tigresa, Tahitians
vs. Carly & Eddie Colon, Carlos Colon vs. Chicky Starr in a death match, Livewire won jr. title in elimination match over Brent Dail, Alexander
Montalvo, Pablo Marquez and New York Hit Squad #1 and #2, Dominican Boy (formerly Black Boy) vs. Super Gladiador, Thunder &
Lightning DDQ Broncos I & II..
July 18, 2003–WWC ANIVERSARIO 2003 in Guayama: Brent Dail & Alex Montalvo vs. Diabólico & New York Hit Squad 2, Rico Suave
vs. Marcus Falk, Bronco 2 vs. Vengador Boricua, Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana vs. José Rivera Jr. & Chris Candido, El Profe vs. Mohammed
Hussein, Victor Jovica vs. Bronco 3 by DQ, Dominican Boy vs. Carly Colón, Lightning vs. Carlos Colón (Universal Title Tournament), Eddie
Colón vs. Bronco 1 (Universal Title Tournament), Thunder vs. Mike Awesome ended in a double countout, Lightning vs. Eddie Colón to
become Universal Champion..
September 26, 2003–WWC in Guayama, PR: Pablo Marquez vs. New York Hit Squad, Brent Dail d Diabolico, Bronco III vs. Super
Gladiador, Bronco I vs. Carlos Colon, Eddie Colon vs. Bronco II, Thunder & Lightning DDQ Jose Rivera Jr. & Dominican Boy..
October 26, 2003–WWC in Aguada before 300 fans: Pablo Marquez vs. Diabolico, Ricky Santana vs. Bronco III, Brent Dail & Eddie Colon
vs. Chris Candido & Jose Rivera Jr., Chicky Starr DDQ Bronco I, Super Gladiador vs. Bronco II..
August 7, 2004–WWC in Ciales, Puerto Rico before 400 fans: Maniac vs. Bad Boy, Delta Force vs. Brent Dail & Demolition X, Rico Suave
vs. Chris Joel, Carlos Colon & Chicky Starr vs. Super Gladiador & Bronco, Diabolico vs. Alex Montalvo, Atletico NC Ely Rodriguez..
August 21, 2004- 31st Anniversary Show in Caguas, PR: Kid Kash vs. Maniac to win the World Junior Heavyweight title, Rico Suave vs.
Mike Youngblood, El Cabellero Misterioso vs. Dallas, Vengador Boricua vs. Super Gladiator, Delta Force vs. Alex Montalvo & Chris Joel to
win the Tag Team titles, Chicky Starr vs. Diabolico, Eric Alexander vs. Abyss, Abdullah the Butcher vs Nene ended in a NO CONTEST
(Abby retains Universal title), Hurricane Castillo vs. Bronco I by DQ, Carly Colon vs. Eddie Colon..
August 28, 2004–WWC in Carolina, PR: Brent Dail vs. Draco Lee, Chris Joel vs. Maniac, Erick Alexander vs. Rebelde, Mike Youngblood
vs. Super Gladiador, Carlos & Eddie Colon DDQ Delta Force, Chicky Starr vs. Rico Suave-DQ, Huracan Castillo vs. Bronco-DQ..
September 3, 2004–WWC in Canovanas, Puerto Rico: Man In Black vs. Blue Shadow, Brent Dail vs. Maniac, Bad Boy vs. Demolition X,
Da Beast (I’m guessing this is the OVW guy since he was Carly Colon’s tag partner) vs. Eric Alexander-DQ, Rico Suave & Diabolico vs. Chris
Joel & Alex Montalvo, Super Gladiador NC Huracan Castillo, Chicky Starr vs. Bronco I, Eddie Colon & Mike Youngblood vs. Delta Force..
September 11, 2004–WWC in Guynabo, Puerto Rico: Alex Montalvo vs. Brent Dail, Chris Joel & Bad Boy vs. Maniac & Draco Lee, Mike
Youngblood & Eric Alexander vs. Delta Force, Caballero Negro vs. Rico Suave-DQ, Super Gladiador DDQ Vengador Boricua, Eddie Colon
vs. Joey Matthews, Huracan Castillo vs. Bronco I-DQ, Chicky Starr vs. Diabolico..
September 12, 2004–WWC in Villalba, Puerto Rico: Eric Scorpion vs. Bolo the Red Bulldog, Rico Suave vs. Demolition X, Brent Dail vs.
Dean Rosa, Huracan Castillo vs. Super Gladiador, Eddie Colon vs. Joey Matthews, Chicky Starr vs. El Diabolico, Caballero Negro vs.
Maniac, Delta Force vs. Bad Boy & Alex Montalvo..
October 1, 2004–WWC in Aibonito, PR: Brent Dail & Bad Boy vs. Maniac & Carlos Flores, Mike Youngblood vs. Cannon, Rico Suave vs.
Alex Montalvo, Wizard vs. ?, Eddie Colon DDQ Bronco I, Diabolico vs. Chicky Starr-DQ..
October 8, 2004–WWC in Villalba, Puerto Rico: Bolo the Red Bulldog vs. Eric Scorpion, Brent Dail vs. Rebelde, Diabolico vs. Eric
Alexander, Super Gladiador vs. Chicky Starr-DQ, Eddie Colon & Huracan Castillo vs. Jim Steele & Bronco I, Caballero Negro vs. Maniac,
Mike Youngblood vs. Exus, Delta Force vs. Alex Montalvo & Bad Boy..
October 9, 2004–WWC in Gurabo, PR: Maniac vs. Bad Boy, Brent Dail vs. Alex Montalvo, Super Gladiador vs. Bakano, Caballero Negro
vs. Rico Suave-DQ, Eddie Colon NC Jim Steele, Huracan Castillo vs. Bronco I-DQ, Delta Force vs. Eric Alexander & Mike Youngblood,
Chicky Starr DDQ Diabolico..
October 15, 2004–WWC in Santa Isabel, PR: Eric Scorpion vs. Bolo the Red Bulldog, Maniac vs. Bad Boy, Rico Suave vs. Brent Dail, Eric
Alexander vs. Diabolico, Bronco I vs. Mike Youngblood, Eddie Colon vs. Super Gladiador, Delta Force vs. Alex Montalvo & John Blake,
Huracan Castillo vs. Jim Steele..
October 16, 2004–WWC in Gurabo, PR: Maniac vs. Bad Boy, Brent Dail vs. Alex Montalvo-DQ, Caballero Negro vs. Rico Suave, Eddie
Colon vs. Jim Steele, Chicky Starr & Carlos Colon vs. Super Gladiador & Diabolico, Eric Alexander vs. Viper, Mike Youngblood vs. Cannon,
Bronco I vs. Huracan Castillo..
October 23, 2004–WWC in Camuy, PR: Bad Boy vs. Maniac-DQ, Genesis vs. Carmen, Eric Alexander vs. Viper, Alex Montalvo vs. Brent
Dail to win jr. title, El Bronco I vs. Eddie Colon to win Puerto Rican title, Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo vs. Diabolico & Super Gladiador,
Cabellero Negro vs. Rico Suave..
November 5, 2004–WWC in Guayama, PR: Brent Dail vs. Bad Boy, Delta Force vs. Demolition X & Mike Youngblood, Caballero Negro
vs. Bronco II, Joey Matthews vs. Alex Montalvo, Abdullah the Butcher DDQ Eddie Colon, Bronco vs. Mr. Hughes, Huracan Castillo &
Chicky Starr vs. Diabolico & Rico Suave..
November 6, 2004–WWC in Guaynabo, PR: Bronco II vs. Bad Boy, Genesis & Brent Dail vs. Carmen & Maniac, Caballero Negro vs. Rico
Suave, Alex Montalvo vs. Joey Matthews, Abdullah the Butcher DDQ Mr. Hughes, Angel vs. Ely, Eddie Colon vs. Bronco I to win Universal
title, Eric Alexander & Mike Youngblood & Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo NC Diabolico & Super Gladiador & Viper & Cannon..
15.November 27, 2004–WWC in Anasco, PR: Brent Dail vs. Alex Montalvo, Exxus vs. Demolition X, Diabolico vs. Victor Jovica, Huracan
Castillo vs. Balls Mahoney, Eddie Colon vs. Bronco-DQ, Maniac & Black Rose vs. Angel Rodriguez & Genesis, Chicky Starr & Castillo
DCOR Tahitian Warrior & Delta Force Viper

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