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WWE Hall Of Famer’s Heart Damage Is Not Due To Past Steroid Use

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• WWE Hall Of Famer’s Heart Damage Is Not Due To Past Steroid Use

As we reported yesterday, WWE Hall Of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham was hospitalized on September 19th.

Graham (age 78) was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and fluid in his lungs.

He’s now back at home and made the following post on Facebook:

“Steroid Damaged Heart

Hello fans, I know many of you good folks out there have been following the information that my good and faithful friend, Mike has been posting on my FB. This information was given to him directly from my wife Valerie, that she had received directly from the two Mayo Clinic Hospital doctors that had been treating me for my heart condition.

I appreciate all of your get well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I have been very weak since coming home from the hospital yesterday. My arms that could lift hundreds of pounds, can now barely lift a spoon of soup to his mouth. However, I shall overcome.

In closing for now, I would like to say that I know there has been much talk that my past heavy and prolonged steroid use has caused my current heart damage. It is only natural to think this.

BUT……two years ago when I was first diagnosed with this Congestive Heart Disease and Atrial Fibrillation by the Mayo Clinic doctors, they told me that my past use of steroids had nothing to do with my heart problems.

Then, while I was just in for this very serious heart episode, I asked the two doctors treating me the same question. They said, ‘Absolutely Not’ as what I have, millions of other people in the U.S. have as well. Peace, to one and all.

Superstar Billy Graham”

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