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WWE Officials Have Two Ideas For SummerSlam 2018 Main Event

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns IV - SummerSlam 2018 Main Event (Universal Championship Match)

• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW/WWF Veteran “Travis” Chad Fortune turns 51 today.

If you watched the World Wrestling Federation in 1995-1996, you’re certainly going to remember ‘Tekno Team 2000’ featuring him as Travis, who teamed up with Eric Watts (as Troy).

In 1997 he joined Ted Turner’s WCW as a singles wrestler but never made it above the status of a jobber to the stars.

After Chad Fortune’s pro wrestling career didn’t took off, he quit the sport and got into Monster Truck driving.


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• WWE Officials Have Two Ideas For SummerSlam 2018 Main Event

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials have two ideas for the SummerSlam 2018 main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship and one of them is similar to the one they did at Survivor Series 2016 (where Goldberg defeated Lesnar in a squash match).

Below is what Alvarez said:

“Right now there are apparently two ideas for the Lesnar/Roman match. One of them is a rather short match. And the other is – you guessed it – a long match. By long I mean one of the longer matches Brock has ever had since he’s been in the company. I guess they’ll decide which one is best on the day of the show.”

The short match idea would likely be similar to Goldberg defeating Lesnar and in the longer match idea, there’s a high possibility of the Money In The Bank contract being cashed-in post-match.

We’ll keep you updated regarding this.

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