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WWE Source Reveals The One Thing That Triple H Has Never Done Backstage

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Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn are both gone from WWE. Nick Khan and Triple H are the two men who make the major decisions in the company these days.

According to the Wrestling Observer, backstage morale is a lot better under Triple H and the one thing people have never seen Triple H done backstage as the Chief Content Officer is flip out, which can’t be said about Vince:

“[Kevin Dunn] didn’t have a stellar reputation, I gotta say. A lot of people are happy he’s gone. Kind of like a lot of people who were happy that Vince was gone. It’s almost like two peas in a pod.

I’ve heard all sorts of stories about morale after Vince was gone. People like working under Triple H a heck of a lot more than they did working under ole Vince. That I can tell you.

As far as Vince and Triple H, one thing I heard somebody say yesterday, who has been there a long time, was you know ‘one of the big differences is I have never seen Triple H blow his stack over anything. Like not one time ever have I seen him totally flip out. Vince, he could be a complete maniac sometimes’. They said, ‘Not one time. Not one time have I ever seen him have a blow up’.

Much easier work environment with ole Vince and Kevin Dunn gone.”

The Observer also gave the following update regarding Kevin Dunn’s replacement in WWE:

“I heard a name. I’m not sure. I didn’t recognize the name. I’m not sure if this is for sure who it’s going to be. Marty Miller is the name I was told.”

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