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WWE Trying To Bring CM Punk Back With A Strategy?

CM Punk

• Lucha Underground Star Comments On Backstage Politics In TNA

During a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Post, Lucha Underground star Ivelisse talked about backstage politics in NXT and TNA, different countries having different crowds, advantages of training at a young age and more.

Below are the highlights:

On backstage politics in TNA:

“At that time, it was hard for me to understand the whole politic thing, so when I was exploring opportunities with TNA and all of that, it was still a little bit of a struggle for me to understand what they mean by politicking. In my mind, go there, do the best job you can. Not go there, don’t bother anybody, be polite. I don’t know, apparently that’s not correct or whatever, but anyway. Another thing is I didn’t know anyone.

It isn’t as though my Uncle is from here or there or my mother is this or that. I am a complete alien. Politicking again has many different aspects to it. There is this aspect of do you know this person so they’ll put in a good word for you? Or politicking, and I am going to be straight up, you go to certain people so they say good things about you. Or you are super chatty with everyone and try to be popular so that people like you, so they say good things about you, etc.

To me, this feels like high school. It’s something that isn’t natural to me, it isn’t natural to do, so I had to learn it. The thing with TNA is, it’s the same thing, I would get ‘She is great in the ring,’ but apparently I didn’t have enough conversations, or I don’t know what. Know what I am saying? It sucks because unless you have a conversation with every single person that crosses your path you are somehow rude, or however, the hell they take it. Or, because I was so focused on giving the best performance, the other girl had the chance to chat up the right people so they feel compelled to help her. I am not up in other people’s business because I am focused on my work, so I get forgotten. If I am not there to outshine but to carry them or push them, still that doesn’t mean enough.”

On different countries having different crowds:

“I’ve been to six countries, with number seven on the way in Australia. I never thought of that. In Mexico, it is a really hard one for me to figure out, which is ironic because I’m Hispanic and Puerto Rico is similar to Mexico. In Mexico, it is all about spots, but at the same time, it’s almost like you forget what is happening in the ring and you have to work the crowd and find the formula that is supposed to work. But the crowd is very animated, and I love that about them. Puerto Rican crowds are super animated as well.

In Puerto Rico and Mexico, the fans are very passionate. They have these instruments that they use when the match is going on, to follow along with the action. It is like a trumpet that is the most popular one. It is unique, at least when I have been there. I invite you to check out a video somewhere to see, it’s pretty funny. The fans will get pretty crazy, and if you are a bad guy they will throw things towards you or spit at you.”

On advantages of training at such a young age:

“I think clearly it’s a big advantage. It was able to learn a lot and gain a great deal of knowledge, being so young in comparison to those in their twenties. It creates a big gap that I think gave me an edge over others. Fans would see me, and I am young so you would not expect much, but I was already at a certain level and that gave me a certain advantage over other girls, better for me to advance in my career.

For example, I’m still in my twenties, and I already have 13 years’ worth of experience, with so many different major companies. Those are the pros, and the cons are I missed out on a lot of things. It’s a hard business and I sacrificed a lot from a young age since I was 15.”

• WWE Trying To Bring CM Punk Back With A Strategy?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials might be trying to bring CM Punk back to their company with a strategy.

Meltzer elaborated on this strategy (current Punk lawsuit) and you can read it below (credit to Ringside News for transcript):

“You have all why would you do it – I mean I know why I know why the trial would be ongoing if there’s a rich backer who’s funding it and he wants to make Punk’s life miserable for revenge. If that is the case then perhaps that’s why and just have him spend a lot of money.

Because remember the more money he spends the less money he has and the less money he has the more likely he is to have to come back. That’s the reality he’s not going to be a UFC fighter much longer he’s too old and he’s not good enough.

He’s going to make a decent payday but I don’t think he’s going to make anything near this fight as he did the first fight because I do not see his name as having that same drawing power at all. I don’t see it, I don’t feel it, and god only knows this is the worst week for this lawsuit to be going on he needs to be in that gym. He needs to be in court.”

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