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WWE Wanted To “Bimbofy” Aliyah With A Love Triangle Storyline

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As we reported before, former WWE writer Britney Abrahams (who began writing for RAW & SmackDown in 2020) is suing the company & Vince McMahon for using racial and gender stereotypes in scripts.

She claims WWE instructed Bianca Belair to say ‘Uh-Uh! Don’t make me take off my earrings and beat your a$$!’ and made her look ‘ghetto’, while Apollo Crews was told to speak with a ‘stereotypical and exaggerated Nigerian accent’.

Britney also noted in her lawsuit that WWE pitched a se*ist storyline for Aliyah:

“Additionally, HELLER shared a se*ist pitch for a Muslim female wrestler wherein the said female wrestler lacked authority over her own mind and body.

Again, Ms. (Kyla) Sylvers and Plaintiff (Abrahams) created a love storyline between wrestlers, Aliyah, Mansoor, and Angel Garza.

In this pitch, Aliyah and Mansoor were meant to fall in love, while a jealous Angel tries to break them up. The pitch made Aliyah appear intelligent and confident in herself and desires, containing Aliyah speaking up for herself against both Angel and Mansoor, and having her love and affection earned.

Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff pitched this storyline to HELLER, who expressed confusion about Aliyah and her choices, particularly her never wanting to be with Angel, who is the obvious villain in the story. HELLER was also confused that Aliyah wasn’t ‘crying on the stairs after her breakup with Mansoor.’

HELLER then counter-pitched that Plaintiff make the storyline a love triangle objectifying and bimbofying Aliyah. HELLER’s se*ist counter-pitch included Angel being forward and aggressive in his efforts to date Aliyah, Aliyah being easily swayed by Angel’s evil tactics, and Aliyah being confused about which guy she should date, oscillating between the two men until the end of the storyline.

HELLER and (Ryan) CALLAHAN made these discriminatory comments while Plaintiff and other female black, African American employees were in his presence in the writer’s room. HELLER’s and CALLAHAN’s comments and conduct were clearly discriminatory.

Plaintiff immediately complained about these racially discriminatory comments.

Plaintiff spoke up and asked, ‘Doesn’t that take away Aliyah’s agency?’

Plaintiff told HELLER that she wanted to make a pitch that was ‘more feminist, especially because Aliyah’s character is already marketed as being ‘super-hot.’

Plaintiff along with a number of her co-workers, including Ms. Sylvers and Mr. (Chad) Barbash also complained about the discriminatory nature of their lead writers’ comments.

Rather, in response to Plaintiff’s protected conduct, Defendants intensified their campaign of retaliatory adverse employment actions.”

The following was written in the lawsuit regarding why Britney got fired from WWE:

“Abrahams continued to opposed racist, se*ist pitches, she said, and was fired in retaliation in April 2022. WWE fired her for taking with her a WrestleMania 38 branded chair, but the practice was allegedly a common practice that White male writers weren’t punished for.”

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