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WWE’s Negotiations With Top Name Have Fallen Apart

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The world of professional wrestling is often filled with surprises, and one recent twist involves WWE’s talks with a major name — Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks. However, these discussions have hit a roadblock, leading to a standstill in negotiations.

According to Fightful Select, WWE engaged in talks with Sasha about her potential return to the company. While the initial conversations were described as amicable, they failed to progress to a point where both parties could reach an agreement on a deal.

WWE sources assert that they were the ones to walk away from the negotiations. Notably, Fightful had previously reported that Banks’ asking price exceeded Charlotte Flair’s new deal, indicating that she commands a significant value in the market.

It remains unclear whether this financial aspect contributed to the breakdown or if other factors were at play.

Following the failed negotiations, speculation arose regarding Mercedes’ future destination. AEW has long expressed interest in signing her. Fightful’s sources suggested that she might be appearing elsewhere imminently, leaving fans wondering where she might end up.

Aside from AEW, other potential landing spots include TNA Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

TNA has been actively pursuing high-profile talents, emphasizing their evolution from their past reputation. They aim to attract new audiences and are willing to invest in established names.

New Japan Pro Wrestling, known for its international collaborations, has expressed interest in working with Mercedes Mone again, adding another layer to the intrigue surrounding her future.

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