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WWE’s Plan For Steve Austin At SummerSlam 2023

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF SummerSlam

According to insider source BWE, WWE is having discussions about Stone Cold Steve Austin making a comeback and giving a major rub to a current wrestler.

No word yet on if this will be a match or just an in-ring segment (physical or non-physical).

Austin has noted in multiple interviews that he’d be willing to wrestle again if the situation is perfect, which according to him was at WrestleMania 38, when he came out of retirement after 19 years to have a match against Kevin Owens.

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Austin would do something with LA Knight at WrestleMania 39, which Austin eventually ended up missing (and so did Knight) due to his filming schedule.

With LA Knight being the hottest up-and-coming superstar in pro-wrestling, who is now in the top 5 list of the highest merch sellers in WWE today, it’s possible that he is the one that gets the rub from The Texas Rattlesnake.

During an interview with WrestleRant in April, Austin revealed that he had a conversation with LA Knight. Below is what Austin said about this conversation:

“I said ‘hey man, make sure your cardio is supreme’ and I said ‘just go do you’.

So that guy can talk a blue streak. He’s a great worker. He’s got a good look, good energy.

So I think he’s doing great. I think he can ascend to a higher level, and I think he will. So I think the guy’s doing awesome.”

In an update on this situation, Xero News is reporting that WWE is having discussions about Austin appearing on The Grayson Waller Effect at SummerSlam 2023 on August 5th at Ford Field in Detroit.

WWE plans to have LA Knight turn babyface soon, so they want to book an up-and-coming heel star (Waller) to have the segment with Austin.

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