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WWF Legend Claims He Was Utilized To Get John Cena Over In 2005

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our Olympic Hero spoke about the WWE Unforgiven 2005 pay-per-view and his main event match against John Cena for Cena’s WWE Championship.

Here’s what Kurt had to say about his 2005 rivalry with Cena:

“They wanted me to get John Cena over even more. He was doing really well at this particular time, but they wanted to give him a little bit more of a push. And so they utilized me to do that.

He was definitely more polished. He was a lot better than he was in his rookie year. I wrestled him probably 3 or 4 times during his rookie year, and maybe even more than that in the second year. Now we had some great matches at a couple of pay-per-views. I believe it might have been No Way Out, I think that’s the time when I made him tap out. But John was a lot better at this point in time. He still had room for improvement, but he was getting better.”

Kurt Angle also spoke about then-RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff getting involved in their feud:

“I enjoyed it. Wasn’t a huge fan of Eric, because I didn’t really know him. I thought he was like an a**hole. But meeting him for the first time, he was actually a really cool dude. I really got along with him. No problem there. I just thought he was an arrogant prick and he wasn’t. So it surprised me.”

In 2005, WWE fans witnessed an epic feud between Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and the charismatic WWE Champion John Cena. Angle, the intense submission specialist, clashed with Cena, the embodiment of the hip-hop era.

Angle’s technical prowess and Cena’s never-give-up attitude made for a captivating storyline and a memorable rivalry that lasted several months.

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