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3. JJ Dillon On Arn Anderson Being The Most Underrated Of The Four Horsemen, Kurt Angle DVD Promo

JJ Dillon On Arn Anderson Being The Most Underrated Of The Four Horsemen

During a recent interview with ESPN, WWE Hall of Famer JJ Dillon talked about Arn Anderson being the most underrated of the Four Horsemen. Here’s what he said: “By all means. He was usually the first one out there and he went out and left everything in the ring. He would come back and [pass by without saying anything, as too] say ‘guys, try to follow that.’ And we would all go out there with the mindset that he set the bar for tonight and we’ve got to measure up to it and if possible try to exceed it.”

Dillon also talked about his mentality as a manager: “My philosophy as a manager was always less is more. I wore a suit or dress clothes. I didn’t wear a flashy costume or cape. Jimmy Hart has his megaphone and Jim Cornette has his racket and I didn’t really have any props as such other than in my early days I carried a cigar that wasn’t lit. I remembered as a kid I used to see these guys from Little Italy riding around in convertibles and smoking a big cigar. The cigar was just a heat magnet, as somebody smoking a cigar like that meant they thought they were somebody special.”

Kurt Angle DVD Promo

Below is the promo for the “Kurt Angle – The Essential Collection” WWE DVD which comes out on August 1:

The DVD will feature 25 Angle matches.

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